Seth Bling’s SkyGrid Minecraft Survival Map

Minecraft survival maps have become increasingly abstract since their inception. Where islands once flourished now mere blocks are considered sufficient basis for a survival map. Seth Bling’s SkyGrid survival map takes the theme to its possibly illogical conclusion by placing random environmental blocks in a grid.

There are no rules in this map because you’ll be hard pressed to even play the thing. The appeal of SkyGrid comes in making sense out of chaos, of turning a jumbled mass of elements into something coherent. In more than one way, playing SkyGrid is akin to handling the universe in the moments after the Big Bang.

It’s hard to say whether this is technically a ‘fun’ map. There’s the thrill of repeatedly plunging through the grid before being able to catch yourself again, there’s the wild disorientation that comes from being surrounded by the pure expression of the concept of randomness and there’s the drive of the desire to build a nice house and hide yourself away from the madness that is the outdoors. Whether your enjoy it or not, SkyGrid has already claimed its place among minecraft survival map classics.

Download SkyGrid Minecraft Survival Map!

Stratosphere Survival, Island Based Minecraft Adventure / Survival Map Download

Stratosphere survival minecraft map is basically a sky island map multiplied and built up and developed and sent to school and come back with a degree in philosophy and telling you how consumerism is a waste of time and eventually ending up unemployed. I may have overextended that metaphor but don’t let that put you off the map, this is a brilliant and wildly popular minecraft map with over 50,000 downloads. That’s right, over fifty thousand downloads.

Why so popular? Perhaps it is because from the moment you spawn you see brilliant and exotic locations in the distance, locations that can only be reached by sustained effort and mammoth bridge building. This is a deluxe survival map, a survival map that gets back to basics whilst also reaching forward to a future where creativity is cannibalized for the baser needs of survival.

Because of the scope and mass of the islands you’ll be working on survival for quite some time, all the while teetering over the inevitable void, whose yawning maw always waits for a misstep, an accidental double forward arrow press that sends you sprinting into the great beyond, so watch your step and your face and the rest of you too.

Download Stratosphere Survival Minecraft Survival / Adventure Map!

In The Shadow Of The Tree Minecraft Adventure / Parkour / Combat Map

Like many fine adventure maps, this one starts off with robbing the graves and homes of the dearly departed. Then you run through an awful lot of tunnels and jump over fiery lakes of lava and sort of halfway pay attention to the story that’s unfolding all around you.

Only being able to sleep at night makes things a tad odious as you have to stand around and wait for night to fall. Also falling into pits of lava gets pretty old too. Parkour elements are all very well and good, but when you lose the only bow and arrows and sword you have in it then that’s not exactly great. Be sure to put your weapons in the chest when it tells you to do it.

Perilous redstone traps and tricks are the order of the day, so be ready for everything and anything. You’ll need your wits, speed and crafting skills to get you through this very challenging adventure alive. Seriously, remember to save at every bed, even if it means waiting until night falls, because you never know what’s coming around the corner.

Download Adventure In The Shadow Of The Tree Minecraft Map!

Heart of Darkness Minecraft Survival Map

A Spanish galleon sits in the lush jungle bay whilst its explorer captain plunders the land around it in search for the golden city of El Dorado. If the role of explorer captain appeals to you, then this is a minecraft survival map you simply must play.

I’d say it straddles the border between survival and adventure map really, with exotic locations, impressive builds and a sense of immersion that will set your senses tingling. Or maybe I’ve just been sitting on my senses too long and they’ve started to go numb. Either way, senses are in for a shockingly good time.

There are challenges in the jungle, such as settling a walled village, 40 x 40 blocks wide. You can also convert them to the religion of your choosing if you so desire. There’s also a bridge building challenge, an island fortress building challenge and other similar ‘build a thing’ challenges. People who like building things will enjoy these immensely.

If you’re looking for a large, detailed minecraft survival map where you can roam free and explore your inner settler / heartless conquistador, this is the map for you.

Download Heart of Darkness Minecraft Survival Map!

Buried Alive! Minecraft Survival Map

In Buried Alive we finally have a minecraft survival map that requires all your mining skills to survive, yet doesn’t bore you to tears as soon as you find sticks and stones. Sticks and stones might break my bones, but they’ll break a boring survival map even quicker. So what’s the premise of this map? As is indicated in the name of the title, you begin your game buried alive. And by buried alive I mean actually buried in a hole. To get out of it, you’ll have to go back to basics and start punching, punching, punching.

What makes the map even more challenging than your average ‘stuck in a stone tomb’ experience is that it has been created in an ocean biome, which means no naturally occurring spawning animals. That’s not to say there’s no way to spawn some farmable beasts if you really put your mind to it, but it is to say that it won’t be easy. Get your hoe ready, you’re going to be eating a lot of bread and perhaps mushroom soup if you’re lucky.

In addition to the usual survival grind, the Buried Alive Minecraft map puts some rewards along your way. Though much of your journey will be spent at the coalface so to speak, occasionally you’ll stumble into pockets of civilization and encounter friends and foes along your journey too. There are some interesting and innovative challenges (not your usual ‘make a cobblestone grinder’ rot. Instead the challenges involve freeing trapped villagers, discovering secret areas and beating down iron golems.

For a fresh minecraft survival experience, download Buried Alive!

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