TerraCraft Tower Minecraft Survival Map

In the middle of a vast ocean is a towering pillar of rock, grass and minerals. Actually, four towering pillars, with rocky outcrops and grassy knolls and all the rest of that sort of thing. Here you will train. Here you will learn. Here you must survive.

I began the map by choking in a stone wall and respawning at the foot of the map. This taught me something about life and the nature of wanting. I’m not sure if this is a typical experience for the average minecrafter, but it was mine.

The greatest experience comes in ascending the towers, however, also like life, things tend to get harder the higher you go. But the rewards for piercing the cloud layer are great, so onwards and upwards blocky traveller.

Here’s a hint: as above, so below. Do not be afraid to dig as much as you climb. Do not be afraid to dive as well as soar. Oh, and watch out for the creepers and whatnot, the towers can be a hostile place, especially on many of the plateaus, which must be civilized and explored thoroughly.

Download TerraCraft Tower Minecraft Survival Map

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