The Impossible Maze Minecraft Puzzle Map

The impossible maze is an interesting minecraft map, and when I say ‘interesting’ I mean ‘challenging, confusing and brain melting’. If you’re looking for a minecraft map that not only makes you think, but demands it, then The Impossible Maze might very well be the minecraft map for you.

I felt a rush of pride when I managed to get through the first puzzle without punching the puzzle into oblivion. Like most minecraft adventure and puzzle maps, the breaking of blocks is not encouraged, or allowed.

There aren’t many minecraft maps where you actually sort of end up wishing that you’ll die because you’re so hopelessly lost you’ve got no idea or hope of ever escaping the trap that was laid out as a trap before you even walked into it. This is a map that goes on and on and on and on and on and on, the maze truly is massive. Before you walk into it you have a chance to grab a few torches to mark your way. These could be incredibly useful if you actually use them.

I’m not saying you’ll enjoy this. Rage quitting may very well be in your future, but this is definitely an intense minecraft map, one which will test your puzzle and maze solving skills to their very limits. Are you ready, ratties?

Download The Impossible Maze Minecraft Map

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