New Minecraft Feature: Ender Chest!

The Ender Chest is a special type of minecraft chest that has a limited inventory that exists outside of space and time. By placing multiple Ender Chests, you can have access to your Ender Chest inventory anywhere – and in any dimension.

So say you put a stack of diamonds in your Ender Chest at your base, and you’ve traveled many minecraft miles away but have a sudden need for diamond. By placing an Ender Chest, you’ll be able to access the diamonds in your Ender Chest at your base. Ender Chests also work on other realms, an Ender Chest in the Nether will have the same inventory as an Ender Chest in the main world.

How To Make An Ender Chest:

Surround an eye of ender with eight obsidian blocks to make an Ender Chest.

New Minecraft Feature: Writeable Books!

Players and makers of minecraft adventure maps have something to be very exited about in upcoming minecraft releases! There’s a new game item called ‘Book and Quill’. When you right click on this item you can open it and write in it. ‘Signing’ the book turns it into a finished book with a Title and Author. You can give it a title, but the author name is your player name, so your nick is forever immortalized in minecraft print.

Hamster Land Minecraft Survival Map

In Hamster Land Survival. You’re in bedrock wire cage inside a bedroom large enough to lose yourself in six times over. Not seven times over, six times over. I like to be specific about these things. Basically, you’re a hamster. A hamster trapped inside an unnaturally bright cage designed to appeal to your juvenile human owners, not to you. Your share your mission with every pet hamster in the world – survive, survive at all costs!

The map is massive, mostly because of the massive bedroom that acts as little more than backdrop to your struggle for life and sustenance. I can respect that, even though it does take quite a wee while for it to convert to Anvil. At the present time the Polish version is the one that doesn’t suffocate the player upon spawning and isn’t stuck in creative mode. So download that one if the English one does its best to destroy you.

This is a fun little map that anyone who loved Minecraft Fish Tank Survival or Minecraft Sandbox Survival, or Minecraft Chest Survival will probably also love.

Go ahead and download Hamster Land Minecraft Survival Map Download!

Skydive! Minecraft Skydiving Map Download

The premise of this map is simple: jump from the very top of the map down to bedrock without dying. In other words, dive through the sky. Hm. Yes. We begin to see where some of these mysterious terms come from, don’t we? This minecraft map is pretty much a minecraft remake of AaAaAA!!! – A Reckless Disregard for Gravity.

Skydive Minecraft is suitable for both single player and multiplayer server play, so you and all your friends can jump together, finally answering the age old question: If all your friends were going to jump off a tower, would you do it too? Yes. As it turns out, you totally would.

If you’re playing in singleplayer without mods, you have a bit of a hike to the top, but vine travel is very comfortable these days and you can just sit back and enjoy the journey. You’re going to wish minecraft had some kind of auto run/ climb button, but the work taken getting to the top will totally be worth it. Maybe next time the spawn will be at the top. Maybe it won’t. There’s no fun in climbing Mount Everest if you’re born at the top of it. After a while, you forget that you’re climbing and it starts to feel like a really slow horizontal race against nothing.

The other gift the climb gives you is a very real appreciation of just how far you’ll be falling once you make the dive. It’s a long way down. A very long way. In fact, this map may actually give you a sense of vertigo.

Once you start playing you’ll probably die quite a lot. The flying mechanic isn’t exactly sorted in minecraft and getting your line right is a difficult task at the best of times. Still, a new challenge is always a welcome thing in minecraft, isn’t it? If all those islands were getting stale, this is the sort of thing that will shake you up and make you grateful for solid ground.

Download Minecraft Skydiving Map

Castle Jump, Minecraft Parkour Map

At first, this seems to be one of those maps that would be awesome if only you could work out what you’re supposed to be doing. I’d therefore classify this as a difficult parkour / survival map, made all the more difficult by the fact that the castle you’re jumping around is very, very high in the sky, so any slip means a long drop followed fairly quickly by a respawn.

This is not a map for parkour beginners, this is a map for people who have honed their skills, who see possibilities where others only see dead ends. Castle Jump requires the reflexes of a capuchin and the fearlessness of a pitbull. Can you beat this hard minecraft parkour map?

Download Castle Jump Minecraft Parkour Map!

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