ShrinkCraft Puzzle / Adventure / Parkour Minecraft Map

Are you ready to swim in a giant toilet? I hope so, because this minecraft map download has no intention of letting you play it until you willingly flush yourself and enter an iron tube dotted with flecks of brown… wool.

ShrinkCraft is called ShrinkCraft because everything is designed to super scale so you feel as if you are a tiny and insignificant creature stuck in a world too large and scary to understand. Just leaping off a simple table will give you fall damage. But the weird perspective is really the least of your worries. This map wins at the outset because it calls you a fatty and then does unspeakable things to you. Elements of parkour make for greater mental cruelty because not only do you have to submit yourself to amusingly terrible fates, you have to work hard to achieve the terrible outcome.

YOu’ll also meet oversized whales with itchy backs and other giant creatures in need of urgent help, be forced to navigate confusing mazes and collect colored wool for purposes unknown. Unlike many other minecraft adventure maps, ShrinkCraft has a good sense of scaling difficulty, though the eaarly challenges are childsplay, some of the later ones are fiendishly difficult to solve.

This is one of the most amusing and fun minecraft maps I’ve ever played, so it is highly reccomended for anyone who loves minecraft adventures!

Download ShrinkCraft Minecraft Adventure / Puzzle / Parkour Map!

Assassination, Minecraft Parkour Map

Assassination is a high stakes, high rise adventure parkour map based loosely on Assassin’s Creed and Mirror’s Edge and other games in which people hurl themselves off tall things and destroy their enemies. I love this map, from the moment you open the first chest and read the ‘map’ that is nothingh but eye rending red text that threatens to blind you where you sit, it’s full on. I’d love to tell you what the opening text is, but my retinas started bleeding three lines in.

There’s a lot to love about this map, first of all it’s an incredibly complex build, which means a lot of scope for exploration. Unlike other parkour maps that sort of hem you into a linear style of play, you can wander and run and jump all over the place in this minecraft map, exploring air vents, running through city streets and punching in plant holders. There are dead ends, so be prepared to break things you probably shouldn’t be breaking. Technically that’s against the rules, but I ain’t no rat in a cage and neither are you.

Those who enjoy adventure storylines will find entertainment as they attempt to achieve the adventure goal. I’m being vague because I was not worthy to unravel it because my eyes were weak. Pray that yours are not.

Assassination is more than multiplayer capable so if you have some friends, why not upload it to a server and see if you can’t push one another onto the roads of doom. (Once you hit the road, you’re stuck.)

Download Assassination Minecraft Parkour / Adventure Map

The Lost Paradise, Minecraft Adventure / Survival / Puzzle / Parkour Map

The Lost Paradise is a minecraft map download with a little bit of everything. It begins with a maze and a parkour challenge, so pure survivalists are going to get pretty frustrated right off the bat. Or they’re going to smash out a few lantern blocks and make their own stairs. Because people who can’t jump but like to play survival maps are going to get a lot more out of this map than people who can jump but don’t like survival maps.

The Lost Paradise (warning, sort of a spoiler) is a magical land hidden away inside a dome of ice. It is largely comprised of a large flat tree that looks like something out of The Lion King and a bunch of colored sheepies. There’s quite a lot of land to explore under the ice dome, so you won’t want for dirt, grass or or yellow wool anytime soon. However, and this is a pretty big however, the map has been constructed on the Flatlands setting, which means you can’t just go ahead and dig for the resources you’re going to need. You’ll have to explore for them.

All in all this is a pretty deep survival / adventure map with a frosting of puzzle and parkour. If you’re looking for something new, a well rounded minecraft experience in the hands of a creator who knows how to pique your interest and make a world worth exploring, then The Lost Paradise is a minecraft map you should download.

Download The Lost Paradise, Minecraft Adventure / Survival / Puzzle / Parkour Map!

Epic Jump Map, Minecraft Parkour Map

If you’re going to only play one minecraft parkour map in your lifetime, make it the Epic Jump Map. Not only is it well designed and challenging for beginners and experienced players alike, it has a definite charm and lightness that will appeal to old and young. There’s a definite platformer game feel, the scenery is designed in such a way that you feel a bit like the 16 bit embodiment of an 8 bit character, whatever that might mean to you.

As with all parkour based maps there is a certain amount of frustration you’ll encounter along the way. That’s okay. Frustration is good for the soul and it makes overcoming a series of obstacles all the sweeter.

I felt drawn through this map, nothing was bland and boring, everything was fresh and made with a sense of enthusiasm. A lot of parkour maps make the mistake of looking like they were designed in communist Russia, but this one with its fluffy cloud sky jumps and giant mushrooms takes the player back to a more whimsical time. There’s also a bit of a storyline to keep you entertained when merely leaping from block to block starts to lose its charms.

PRO TIP: Well, sort of amateur pro tip, if you’re finding it very difficult to complete the jumps in the normal view mode, pressing F5 will switch you to third person mode which makes things a lot easier as you can see where you’re going and where you’re standing much more effectively.

Download Epic Jump Minecraft Parkour map!

Cave Parkour Minecraft Parkour Map

Cave Parkour is a fast paced map that requires a modicum of jumping skill and a thorough understanding of the sprint button. One unique facet of the map is that it reccomends you play it on peaceful. This is because exploding creepers can cause offense, not to mention completely destroy the delicate balance of the parkour obstacles.

Without giving away any real spoilers, timed pistons have been heavily integrated into the map, meaning you must do more than just jump – you must time those jumps correctly.

This is a pretty challenging map, though it could be suitable for beginners they would have to be tenacious beginners who don’t give up the first few times they have to repeat a series of jumps.

If I were to make a criticism it is that sometimes one can get lost and not be sure of the way forward – not because the jumps are too hard, but because all caves sort of look the same. A few more signs with arrows would have helped, but all in all this is a nice map for those looking for a diamond collecting minecraft parkour challenge!

Download Cave Parkour, Minecraft Parkour Map!

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