Jack and the Beanstalk | Minecraft Beanstalk Parkour Adventure Map

minecraft giant's cottage

This oversized minecraft beanstalk build combines parkour, fairy tales and much more. One needs to parkour leap all the way up the minecraft giant beanstalk and then you are free to explore the giant’s cottage in the clouds. Ignore the part of the fairy tale where your bones are ground to bake giant bread, there’s enough bone-meal around from skeletons to attend to all giant bread baking needs.

Small Escape, Minecraft Oversized Map / Shrunken Adventure

small escape minecraft shrunken adventure map

Are you dreaming or are you awake in this minecraft adventure map? It’s hard to tell, but the shadowy terrain, vivid colors and weird events certainly make you think that you must be dreaming awake. The map begins very simply, you are in a small, very purple space, looking for levers and buttons to make doors open. You think that this is all very interesting, if a little standard for a minecraft map. There’s a little parkour to irritate you, and the temptation to cheat. (more…)

Assassin’s Creed Minecraft Parkour Adventure Map Download

The city of Constantinople lies at your feet, adventurer. Through quick wittedness, agility and fast feet you will uncover the hidden location of the two Masyaf keys whilst becoming familiar with every nook and cranny of the city – as a great assassin needs to be.

Hoe-Craft, Minecraft Portal Map Download

This is a map with one mission: to elevate the humble diamond hoe to a new level in the minecraft community. For years a diamond hoe has been considered about as useful as a bathtub full of sand, but Hoe-Craft Minecraft Puzzle Map puts the diamond hoe at the forefront of all things. Nothing can be achieved without your hoe. So love your hoe. Treat your hoe well, and upgrade it whenever the opportunity presents itself.

The map has been made in the portal genre, which means you better be proficient at tossing cubes into other cubes. Placing blocks has no place here! This map contains elements from the puzzle and parkour genres, not to mention a certain soupcon of adventure. This is not a map for those who want to mine and craft, this is a map for people who want to best the devious mind that devised it.

Like other maps I’ve reviewed recently, this map uses the cutting edge command block technology included in the latest minecraft snapshot. So you’ll need to be proficient in .jar switching in order to play.

Download Hoe-Craft Minecraft Adventure Puzzle Map!

Sprint! Minecraft Sprinting Parkour Map

Some things in life can only be done at a sprint, like evading law enforcement or this minecraft parkour map. Sprint is a fast paced minecraft parkour map that will test your parkour abilities to their very limits.


Seriously though, this is a map that parkour enthusiasts and newcomers alike will love. All you need is the ability to double tap the up arrow and you’re in business! This video gives you a glimpse of the sort of leaping antics you’ll be performing with the greatest of ease. Or failing at with the greatest of fail. Your fate is in your hands!

Download Sprint! Minecraft! Parkour! Map!

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