Jack and the Beanstalk | Minecraft Beanstalk Parkour Adventure Map

minecraft giant's cottage

This oversized minecraft beanstalk build combines parkour, fairy tales and much more. One needs to parkour leap all the way up the minecraft giant beanstalk and then you are free to explore the giant’s cottage in the clouds. Ignore the part of the fairy tale where your bones are ground to bake giant bread, there’s enough bone-meal around from skeletons to attend to all giant bread baking needs.

minecraft jack and the beanstalk map download

Where do giant minecraft beanstalks come from? Why, from giant minecraft magic seeds of course! Although this map is relatively short, it does provide a rather challenging opportunity to practice your parkour skills and once you’re on the giant’s sky island, why there’s an opportunity to take revenge on that big mean giant and his oversized furniture.

If you enjoy oversized adventure maps, you should also check out Small Escape, an adventure map that puts you inside a giant bedroom, and Ant Farm, which famously puts you inside an ant farm inside a giant bedroom. With this many opportunities to feel small, maintaining a humble sense of perspective has never been so easy.

Download a giant minecraft beanstalk!

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