Small Escape, Minecraft Oversized Map / Shrunken Adventure

small escape minecraft shrunken adventure map

Are you dreaming or are you awake in this minecraft adventure map? It’s hard to tell, but the shadowy terrain, vivid colors and weird events certainly make you think that you must be dreaming awake. The map begins very simply, you are in a small, very purple space, looking for levers and buttons to make doors open. You think that this is all very interesting, if a little standard for a minecraft map. There’s a little parkour to irritate you, and the temptation to cheat.

small escape minecraft dream adventure map

Then you pass through the cobwebs of conciousness and emerge into the waking world – only to find yourself in the most impressively oversized minecraft room I’ve ever seen rendered in the survival adventure map genre. Bats fly around under a desk that towers to the heavens, and in the distance you see a great glass front cabinet looming more impressively than Mount Rushmore.

The detail in this build even extends to the curl of the desk lamp cable. It is, in all ways, darn near perfect.

minecraft huge room survival map

Another view of the room there, taken after a short and simple parkour climb towards the entity that claims to be your friend. Oh yes, I’ve quite forgotten to mention the storyline of this minecraft map, haven’t I? It’s simple really, you are locked in a dream with two unseen apparitions. One wants to help you escape, one wants to keep you locked in the dream forever.

it was a dark and stormy minecraft puzzle room

In order to escape the dream (for surely you must be dreaming, to find yourself shrunken down to the size of an ant) you must complete challenges, perform great parkour leaps and generally jump through whatever hoops are offered to you. Some of the trials are trivial, but others take a little more skill and fortitude. There’s a maze too. Oh lord, there’s a maze. And when you’re done with the maze, things just get trickier still, as in the room were you cannot set off any of the lanterns.

giant minecraft computer

Things improve later on, when the giant setting of the map becomes part of the adventure. Have you ever wondered what it might be like to scale your desk lamp in an effort to shed a little light on your bat filled bedroom? Well now you can experience that for yourself. There’s also the opportunity to climb inside the hardrive of the giant minecraft computer in your desk.

This map was made by a native German speaker and the title is an efficient one, though completely understated. There’s nothing small about this minecraft adventure map. It’s huge. A little too heavy on the parkour for some tastes (read: mine) but still a map very much worth playing.

Download Small Escape, Oversized Minecraft Map

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