Revenge of the Aliens Parkour Adventure Map

Do you love smashing your minecraft face into objects at high speed? If so, Revenge of the Aliens, a minecraft Parkour / Adventure map that pulls no punches and gives no second tries is the map for you. It’s merciless, which is good, because you don’t deserve mercy. You deserve the pain of progress, the crunching sound of bones and the respawn button to nowhere. Also, Aliens.

This is the third of a three part series in which you play ‘Edward James’ British protagonist and alien slayer extraordinaire. You have already defeated alien threats twice before, but it is a big universe out there and sometimes the aliens aren’t even aliens. With your sidekick and super close friend Tom, you will uncover the mysteries of the ‘aliens’ and leap your way into the history books.

Download Revenge of the Aliens, Minecraft Parkour Adventure Map!

Skydive! Minecraft Skydiving Map Download

The premise of this map is simple: jump from the very top of the map down to bedrock without dying. In other words, dive through the sky. Hm. Yes. We begin to see where some of these mysterious terms come from, don’t we? This minecraft map is pretty much a minecraft remake of AaAaAA!!! – A Reckless Disregard for Gravity.

Skydive Minecraft is suitable for both single player and multiplayer server play, so you and all your friends can jump together, finally answering the age old question: If all your friends were going to jump off a tower, would you do it too? Yes. As it turns out, you totally would.

If you’re playing in singleplayer without mods, you have a bit of a hike to the top, but vine travel is very comfortable these days and you can just sit back and enjoy the journey. You’re going to wish minecraft had some kind of auto run/ climb button, but the work taken getting to the top will totally be worth it. Maybe next time the spawn will be at the top. Maybe it won’t. There’s no fun in climbing Mount Everest if you’re born at the top of it. After a while, you forget that you’re climbing and it starts to feel like a really slow horizontal race against nothing.

The other gift the climb gives you is a very real appreciation of just how far you’ll be falling once you make the dive. It’s a long way down. A very long way. In fact, this map may actually give you a sense of vertigo.

Once you start playing you’ll probably die quite a lot. The flying mechanic isn’t exactly sorted in minecraft and getting your line right is a difficult task at the best of times. Still, a new challenge is always a welcome thing in minecraft, isn’t it? If all those islands were getting stale, this is the sort of thing that will shake you up and make you grateful for solid ground.

Download Minecraft Skydiving Map

Castle Jump, Minecraft Parkour Map

At first, this seems to be one of those maps that would be awesome if only you could work out what you’re supposed to be doing. I’d therefore classify this as a difficult parkour / survival map, made all the more difficult by the fact that the castle you’re jumping around is very, very high in the sky, so any slip means a long drop followed fairly quickly by a respawn.

This is not a map for parkour beginners, this is a map for people who have honed their skills, who see possibilities where others only see dead ends. Castle Jump requires the reflexes of a capuchin and the fearlessness of a pitbull. Can you beat this hard minecraft parkour map?

Download Castle Jump Minecraft Parkour Map!

Chambers of JigSteve Minecraft Parkour/Puzzle Map

This is a minecraft map based on the movie ‘Saw’, which makes it promising out of the gate. Even though it is largely made of snow, one of the softest blocks in the minecraft universe, there’s an air of menace to it which I quite enjoyed. At times the map goes well out of its way to disorient you, and with frequent sign based interjections from the sometimes heavy handed JigSteve himself, it’s pretty hard to shake the feeling that something bad is about to happen.

If you get stuck, try looking up. Sometimes escape routes are located in the ceiling. Some might call that a spoiler, I call it saving your sanity so you don’t stand at the beginning of the map for half an hour waiting for something to happen.

The map is also quite unashamed about making you leap into lava just because you made a bad decision. It’s not so much about punishing you as it is about making you punish yourself. Note that you *need* to sleep in the beds provided after the start of the map or you’ll spawn outside it and have to re-extract it all over again.

For a good dose of psychological minefare (that’s like warfare, but with minecraft) and the escape story of a lifetime, you should play Chambers of Jigsteve.

Download Chambers of JigSteve Minecraft Parkour/Puzzle Map

In The Shadow Of The Tree Minecraft Adventure / Parkour / Combat Map

Like many fine adventure maps, this one starts off with robbing the graves and homes of the dearly departed. Then you run through an awful lot of tunnels and jump over fiery lakes of lava and sort of halfway pay attention to the story that’s unfolding all around you.

Only being able to sleep at night makes things a tad odious as you have to stand around and wait for night to fall. Also falling into pits of lava gets pretty old too. Parkour elements are all very well and good, but when you lose the only bow and arrows and sword you have in it then that’s not exactly great. Be sure to put your weapons in the chest when it tells you to do it.

Perilous redstone traps and tricks are the order of the day, so be ready for everything and anything. You’ll need your wits, speed and crafting skills to get you through this very challenging adventure alive. Seriously, remember to save at every bed, even if it means waiting until night falls, because you never know what’s coming around the corner.

Download Adventure In The Shadow Of The Tree Minecraft Map!

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