In The Shadow Of The Tree Minecraft Adventure / Parkour / Combat Map

Like many fine adventure maps, this one starts off with robbing the graves and homes of the dearly departed. Then you run through an awful lot of tunnels and jump over fiery lakes of lava and sort of halfway pay attention to the story that’s unfolding all around you.

Only being able to sleep at night makes things a tad odious as you have to stand around and wait for night to fall. Also falling into pits of lava gets pretty old too. Parkour elements are all very well and good, but when you lose the only bow and arrows and sword you have in it then that’s not exactly great. Be sure to put your weapons in the chest when it tells you to do it.

Perilous redstone traps and tricks are the order of the day, so be ready for everything and anything. You’ll need your wits, speed and crafting skills to get you through this very challenging adventure alive. Seriously, remember to save at every bed, even if it means waiting until night falls, because you never know what’s coming around the corner.

Download Adventure In The Shadow Of The Tree Minecraft Map!

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