School of Parkour | How To Do Minecraft Parkour

school of parkour how to parkour map

A teaching parkour map, School of Parkour is a minecraft teaching parkour map that will teach you how to play advanced minecraft parkour maps. If you’ve ever fallen into lava for the fiftieth time and would like to know how to cling to vines, leap onto ladders and generally win at parkour, then this map makes an effort to teach you how to do that. Starting from the very basics of jumping with your spacebar (something that sounds totally simple, but is actually pretty difficult at times) moving on to double jumps, then corner jumps, then ladder parkour, then fence parkour and then more, more more parkour techniques so all those parkour maps will finally make sense.

School of Parkour Download Link

Tropical Vacation, Minecraft Epic Jump Map Download

minecraft epic jump map tropic vacation

This tropical themed minecraft epic jump map takes parkour to its balmy island extremes. Brightly colored and themed to within an inch of its life, this is a fun parkour map with a serious learning curve. It comes with a custom texture pack, so you can enjoy the map as it was meant to look and not be dragged down by drab texture defaults which are about as tropical as an afternoon in an accountant’s office.

tropical island epic jump map download

Obsidian Run, Minecraft Parkour Game

obsidian run minecraft parkour minigame download

This is a parkour map, but not like other parkour maps you’ve known. A minecraft version of the smartphone game, Temple Run, Obsidian Run is a fast paced parkour map which must be completed within three minutes. That’s right you’ve got just three minutes to save the world. Or you know, just your own bacon.

Minecraft Horse Parkour Map Download

minecraft horse parkour download

Now that horses have joined the stable of available minecraft mods, it was only ever a matter of time before someone made a minecraft horse parkour map. Buckle Up! is that map. You’ll begin your horse parkour adventure in a room with three horses all clad in diamond armor. Choose your horse, then choose a name tag for your horse, and begin your wild leaping parkour journey.

DarkChaosCraft, Minecraft Parkour Map

minecraft planet parkour

This parkour map involves leaping, jumping, shuffling and something that looks like a big glowing planet at one stage. I feel good about it. I think you will too.

DarkChaosCraft, the weightily named minecraft parkour map is comprised of several unique levels, each one themed in a different style. Beginners start in a glowstone and colored wool creche of sorts, which is pretty suitable even for novice parkour players. The difficulty quickly ramps up on later levels however, and by the time you’re hurling yourself through a desert nightmare, you’ll be impressed with how much your skills have developed. Or you’ll be rage qutting because you have yet to hone your fine motor skills to the point where piloting a big blocky two meter high avatar through a world of other blocks.

Each level concludes with a unique minecraft boss, a final obstacle between you and the passing of the level. It’s a traditional formula, but I think it works.

Download Dark Chaos Minecraft Parkour Map!

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