Tropical Vacation, Minecraft Epic Jump Map Download

minecraft epic jump map tropic vacation

This tropical themed minecraft epic jump map takes parkour to its balmy island extremes. Brightly colored and themed to within an inch of its life, this is a fun parkour map with a serious learning curve. It comes with a custom texture pack, so you can enjoy the map as it was meant to look and not be dragged down by drab texture defaults which are about as tropical as an afternoon in an accountant’s office.

tropical island epic jump map download

You begin the map with the creator casting aspersions on your ability to get a girlfriend, which is fairly hilarious unless you’re not a fifteen year old boy. In which case, it’s a little trite and silly. Still, your coconut drink provided in the starting chest takes the edge off and you’re ready to begin a vacation that will inevitably end in you throwing yourself off things.

tropical vacation friday sword

You know what else is fun? Custom weapons. I chose the pink ‘It’s Friday’ sword. Not because it’s Friday, but because I respect brightly colored swords.

magical flip flops

I also respect magical flip flops.

So, custom footwear and silly swords aside, what’s the game play like? Well, the opening of the map is certainly non-linear for starters. It’s not always clear where you’re supposed to go or what you’re supposed to do, which might be frustrating for players who need a sense of direction. Hint: head for the water. The glowing water.

Wordpuncher’s Rating: 7.5/10. Great use of custom items. There’s an awful lot of fiddly parkour in it. Oh, and points were deducted for the frequency of the word ‘swag’ and the over use of troll faces. It’s really more of a puzzle / parkour map. What makes it epic are some of the builds, which include a dangerously low flying jet liner. Brilliant builds and a lot of fun.

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