Obsidian Run, Minecraft Parkour Game

obsidian run minecraft parkour minigame download

This is a parkour map, but not like other parkour maps you’ve known. A minecraft version of the smartphone game, Temple Run, Obsidian Run is a fast paced parkour map which must be completed within three minutes. That’s right you’ve got just three minutes to save the world. Or you know, just your own bacon.

Speed is of the essence in this map, which bestows a three minute long Speed II effect on the player. Make the best use of this potion, because if you take any longer than three minutes you will be unable to complete the final jump and therefore the map. I myself played this map and found that I spent more time in the lava than out of it, and though there was the occasional never ending pool of water to soothe the burn, after a time there just wasn’t enough fire resistance in the world. This is not an easy map, but it is rather a lot of fun, especially in the early stages where one can frolic through the first lava jumps with all the joi de vivre of a spring lamb.

Everything about Obsidian Run is fast – including the download speed. You’re literally seconds away from having this map downloaded to your pc.*

Obsidian Run, Minecraft Parkour Mini Game Download Link

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