ShrinkCraft Puzzle / Adventure / Parkour Minecraft Map

Are you ready to swim in a giant toilet? I hope so, because this minecraft map download has no intention of letting you play it until you willingly flush yourself and enter an iron tube dotted with flecks of brown… wool.

ShrinkCraft is called ShrinkCraft because everything is designed to super scale so you feel as if you are a tiny and insignificant creature stuck in a world too large and scary to understand. Just leaping off a simple table will give you fall damage. But the weird perspective is really the least of your worries. This map wins at the outset because it calls you a fatty and then does unspeakable things to you. Elements of parkour make for greater mental cruelty because not only do you have to submit yourself to amusingly terrible fates, you have to work hard to achieve the terrible outcome.

YOu’ll also meet oversized whales with itchy backs and other giant creatures in need of urgent help, be forced to navigate confusing mazes and collect colored wool for purposes unknown. Unlike many other minecraft adventure maps, ShrinkCraft has a good sense of scaling difficulty, though the eaarly challenges are childsplay, some of the later ones are fiendishly difficult to solve.

This is one of the most amusing and fun minecraft maps I’ve ever played, so it is highly reccomended for anyone who loves minecraft adventures!

Download ShrinkCraft Minecraft Adventure / Puzzle / Parkour Map!

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