Assassination, Minecraft Parkour Map

Assassination is a high stakes, high rise adventure parkour map based loosely on Assassin’s Creed and Mirror’s Edge and other games in which people hurl themselves off tall things and destroy their enemies. I love this map, from the moment you open the first chest and read the ‘map’ that is nothingh but eye rending red text that threatens to blind you where you sit, it’s full on. I’d love to tell you what the opening text is, but my retinas started bleeding three lines in.

There’s a lot to love about this map, first of all it’s an incredibly complex build, which means a lot of scope for exploration. Unlike other parkour maps that sort of hem you into a linear style of play, you can wander and run and jump all over the place in this minecraft map, exploring air vents, running through city streets and punching in plant holders. There are dead ends, so be prepared to break things you probably shouldn’t be breaking. Technically that’s against the rules, but I ain’t no rat in a cage and neither are you.

Those who enjoy adventure storylines will find entertainment as they attempt to achieve the adventure goal. I’m being vague because I was not worthy to unravel it because my eyes were weak. Pray that yours are not.

Assassination is more than multiplayer capable so if you have some friends, why not upload it to a server and see if you can’t push one another onto the roads of doom. (Once you hit the road, you’re stuck.)

Download Assassination Minecraft Parkour / Adventure Map

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