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Halion, Massive Medieval Minecraft City, Keep and Castle Download

Halion Minecraft Medieval City Download

One hundred and ninety million minecraft blocks have gone into the creation of Halion, a massive minecraft city comprised of almost two hundred individual buildings, all of which have custom interiors, naturally. Oh, and there’s a sweeping harbor at the bottom of a cliff face, complete with ten ships ready to be launched in a flotilla like no other. Being a complete city, it comes with six distinct and useful districts, including a place for heavy medieval industry and slums where the lower classes can rest their flea ridden heads.

School of Parkour | How To Do Minecraft Parkour

school of parkour how to parkour map

A teaching parkour map, School of Parkour is a minecraft teaching parkour map that will teach you how to play advanced minecraft parkour maps. If you’ve ever fallen into lava for the fiftieth time and would like to know how to cling to vines, leap onto ladders and generally win at parkour, then this map makes an effort to teach you how to do that. Starting from the very basics of jumping with your spacebar (something that sounds totally simple, but is actually pretty difficult at times) moving on to double jumps, then corner jumps, then ladder parkour, then fence parkour and then more, more more parkour techniques so all those parkour maps will finally make sense.

School of Parkour Download Link

The Return, A Minecraft Puzzle Adventure Map

return minecraft adventure puzzle map

Puzzles are fun for people who don’t have enough meaningless frustration in their daily lives. The Return is a minecraft puzzle adventure map that seeks to provide a level of challenging that might otherwise be missing. It’s more than a game. It’s a substitute for being locked in a perspex room with a blowtorch and a rabid monkey, like we did in the old days.

How To Play Mario Kart In Minecraft | Mario Kart Map Download

play mariokart in minecraft

Now you can download a minecraft Mario map that allows you to actually play MarioKart with your friends in minecraft. It requires no mods at all, but is fully functional in both single and multiplayer. The minecraft mario kart game comes complete with powerups, which are in the forum of various potions and tools. Ice blocks take the place of the slippery Maro Kart banana skin, fishing rods stand in for the green shells and red shells are bows and arrows. A functional scoreboard system keeps track of each player’s times, and there’s a timer running when you start the race. The track is long and varied, featuring multiple exciting hazards and jumps and plenty of other fun features too.

Three Ways To Breathe Under Water In Minecraft

how to breathe underwater in minecraft

If you need to breathe underwater in minecraft, perhaps because you’re building underwater or because you’re trying to play on a map or server which has underwater objects hidden far below, then you need to know how to breathe in water in minecraft. It can be done without the need for any cheats or mods.

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