How To Play Mario Kart In Minecraft | Mario Kart Map Download

play mariokart in minecraft

Now you can download a minecraft Mario map that allows you to actually play MarioKart with your friends in minecraft. It requires no mods at all, but is fully functional in both single and multiplayer. The minecraft mario kart game comes complete with powerups, which are in the forum of various potions and tools. Ice blocks take the place of the slippery Maro Kart banana skin, fishing rods stand in for the green shells and red shells are bows and arrows. A functional scoreboard system keeps track of each player’s times, and there’s a timer running when you start the race. The track is long and varied, featuring multiple exciting hazards and jumps and plenty of other fun features too.

mario kart minecraft timer

Note: if you’re trying to play this alone, you need to flip all the switches on the track and then get into your ‘kart’ or boat before the red, orange, yellow and finally green wool drops and the race begins. With water jumps and bumpy obstacles, navigating the race track is not as simple as it seems. Make sure you take extra boats with you, you will break yours during the race.

minecraft mario kart hazards

The map isn’t all fun and games though, I mean it is really. But there are also streaming lava hazards which are difficult to avoid, especially as the map deviously gives you a speed boost just as you’re coming up to the hazard.

How To Get Minecraft Mario Kart Powerups

Wondering how the power up system works whilst you’re racing? When you’re coming up to a gold block, maintain speed and sail right through it. It will disappear and a power up will be thrown out of the dispenser below the water. You’ll pick it up as you sail by and then be able to use it as you please. This means plenty of fun placing hazards for friends, or shooting at them with bow and arrow, which is a sign of friendship in some Amazonian tribes. Just be careful with some of the potion powerups. It’s pretty easy to blind yourself instead of one of the other players.

The map is also editable and addable to multiplayer servers, thanks to the MCEdit template included in the download!

Wordpuncher’s Rating: 10/10. A perfect minecraft map taking advantage of new redstone technology to create a genuinely playable minecraft boat race / Mario Kart style track.

So what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD THE MARIO KART MINECRAFT GAME!

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