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Minecraft Leaky Tap Video

How to make water ripple in minecraft! Seth Bling has worked out how to create ripples of water in minecraft, paving the way for waves and tides and other types of common water slop currently omitted from the game.

Minecraft Schwarzenegger Sound Resource Pack Download

This minecraft resource pack takes famous quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger and his movies and inserts them into the game. Bats no longer squeal, they now say ‘Hi’ in deep Austrian-American tones. Chickens wander around declaring that they want to do something with their lives, and if you attempt to kill them, they yell ‘John Kimble!’ Horses ‘give up’ when struck, Pigs call for Douglas Quaid‘ and the hilarity continues with many in game minecraft Terminator, Total Recall and other Schwarzenegger references.

Schwarzenegger Minecraft Sound Download! (Link in description.)

If you want even more Schwarzenegger in your minecraft experience, here’s a Schwarzenegger skin download!

Jeoffrey’s Chamber Sound Based Minecraft Map Download

This singleplayer minecraft adventure map is made by the Noxcrew. It contains a unique in-game soundtrack. Your listening abilities will determine your success in this minecraft adventure, in which you have been captured by an evil doctor master emperor villain whose mother is seriously getting in his way when it comes to tormenting his newest prisoner: you.

This innovative approach to minecraft map making uses resource packs which allow creators to not only upload new textures to minecraft, but to change sound effects. Which means that there’s finally a way to neatly place sound events and sound effects in minecraft maps.

Jeoffrey’s Chamber is a relatively short map, but it is the cutting edge of what is possible in minecraft, so even if adventuring your way out of a dungeon sounds even remotely appealing, I suggest you go ahead and make the download happen.

Download Joffrey’s Chamber!

Skull Island Survival |Minecraft Survival Island Map

skull island minecraft survival map download

A great rocky skull with a brain full of lava greets you as you spawn on Skull Island, so named for the aforementioned massive minecraft skull. If the terrain isn’t ominous enough, consider this: custom super charged hostile mobs lurching out of the darkness. This fully customized minecraft survival map contains custom weapons as well as custom mobs however, so intrepid adventurers will have a chance of fighting back against the cracking creepers and mounted skeleton jockeys.

minecraft survival island map

With stunning tall mountains, the terrain is as compact as it is beautiful. There’s plenty to explore, but though there seems to be plenty of land to roam on when night falls you can run, but you can hardly hide.

Serious minecraft survivalists only, please!

Download Skull Island Minecraft Survival

Rise of the Rebellion! Minecraft Star Wars Adventure Map Download

(Star Wars Millenium Falcon Timelapse)

A minecraft machinima movie and a Star Wars minecraft adventure map, let no man say that Paradise Decay is not creatively ambitious. This fully fleged Star Wars adventure map is the natural progression from Paradise Decay’s earlier Star Wars collection works, including a downloadable Star Wars X Wing Fighter schematic.

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Rise of the Rebellion, Minecraft Star Wars Map Download!

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