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Minecraft Rocky Mountain Large Map

minecraft rocky mountain download

Ever wish you could see the Rockies? Now you can! This map is a work in progress, but still very much downloadable, and it seeks to recreate the Rocky Mountains in Minecraft. It’s more of a tribute to the Rockies than an actual geographically accurate recreation of them, but for anyone looking for a minecraft mountain range, this is probably a great place to start. (more…)

Minecraft Halo Maps Download | The Silent Cartographer

minecraft halo map download

Hey Minecrafters and Halo fans, why not combine your two favorite games and download The Silent Cartographer level from HALO as a minecraft map?

minecraft halo map download

Not sure what this map is about?

Cubes of Adventure 2 Minecraft CTM Map Download

minecraft cubes of adventure map download

The Cubes of Adventure have returned, minecrafters! Cubes of Adventure 2 follows on from the popular minecraft adventure series of the obvious name. The object is to complete the monument, a task which can only be completed by making room for activities inside your mysterious cube. Strictly speaking, this should be called ‘Cube of Adventure’, but lets not split hairs or cubes.

The Brigmore Witches Scare Me: Dishonored DLC Review


Dishonored is my GOTY. Hands down. I loved it and had little assassin babies with it. That’s what I did. I loved the open world feeling of the game, I loved the way I truly could choose my own path through the city of Dunwall, and I loved the way my choices had a real and tangible effect not only on the world, but on the character of the other characters.


The first DLC The Knife of Dunwall was brilliant. For the first five minutes it was hard to relate to the Empress-murdering-Daud, but then the pathos drew me in and, yes, I almost enjoyed being Daud a little more than I enjoyed being Corvo. It was the gravelly voice, I think.

My eager anticipation of The Brigmore Witches can not easily be overstated. I was, in a word, fiendishly excited.

So, is The Brigmore Witches worth it?

The game play is more challenging than Dishonored and The Knife Of Dunwall. I breezed through The Knife of Dunwall with no problems whatsoever, in both low and high chaos.

The Brigmore Witches is much more difficult than previous iterations of the game. It also includes new powers, the most notable being the Pull power, which allows you to suck items toward yourself from a distance.

Minecraft Command Block Tutorial Map Download

minecraft command block tutorial map


Want to learn how to use command blocks? This minecraft map download will teach  you how command blocks work in-game. That means you can learn to broadcast messages, teleport players, change game modes, give players items and xp, or taketh them away and so much more.

Knowing how to use minecraft command blocks properly is pretty much essential if you want to make a decent adventure map. This downloadable map tutorial makes use of command blocks to teach  you how to use command blocks – so in a way, creator ‘Pyrate’ put a command block  in your command block so you can block whilst you command – or something like that.

Download the Minecraft Command Block Lab!

What can you do with these minecraft redstone powerhouses? Here’s a few uses straight from the minecraft wiki:

  • Game mode changes
  • Starter Kits
  • Teleportation
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Lotteries
  • Jails
  • Admin Commands
  • Alarms
  • Rewards
  • Weather Controllers
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Secure Player Only Doors
  • Safe Zones (No Combat Zones)
  • Cheat Detection
  • Talking Adventure Maps
  • Stores

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