Halion, Massive Medieval Minecraft City, Keep and Castle Download

Halion Minecraft Medieval City Download

One hundred and ninety million minecraft blocks have gone into the creation of Halion, a massive minecraft city comprised of almost two hundred individual buildings, all of which have custom interiors, naturally. Oh, and there’s a sweeping harbor at the bottom of a cliff face, complete with ten ships ready to be launched in a flotilla like no other. Being a complete city, it comes with six distinct and useful districts, including a place for heavy medieval industry and slums where the lower classes can rest their flea ridden heads.

halion harbor

Minecraft players who have always found minecraft maps to be a little bit thin on the lore side of things will be pleased to know that Halion isn’t just one of the biggest minecraft city building projects of all time, it comes with a two thousand word tale of lore, or yore, if you prefer. That’s 1899998000 fewer words than blocks in the build itself.

minecraft medieval fantasy castle build

minecraft peasant castle district

Halion is the work of seven very talented builders from the Atherys community of Minecraft builders and dreamers. People who are pushing the boundaries of what can and cannot be done in minecraft – though it seems at this stage that pretty much anything can be done in the game.

What’s super fun about this build is that it was created with both fire and ice in places that will do untold damage if you simply download the file and open it. The creators recommend that you view this map in MCEdit or on a server with fire and water spread off because otherwise you’ll open the map and watch as the whole thing goes up in flames – which I am pretty sure is a feature for many players.

Halion Download Link

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