Halion, Massive Medieval Minecraft City, Keep and Castle Download

Halion Minecraft Medieval City Download

One hundred and ninety million minecraft blocks have gone into the creation of Halion, a massive minecraft city comprised of almost two hundred individual buildings, all of which have custom interiors, naturally. Oh, and there’s a sweeping harbor at the bottom of a cliff face, complete with ten ships ready to be launched in a flotilla like no other. Being a complete city, it comes with six distinct and useful districts, including a place for heavy medieval industry and slums where the lower classes can rest their flea ridden heads.

Adamantis Minecraft Fantasy City Download

adamantis minecraft fantasy city map download

One of the largest minecraft fantasy city builds of all time, Adamantis is a huge minecraft city available for download right this second. Based on classic architecture with a hefty twist of Greek influence, this is a beautiful creative build that truly showcases the possibilities of the game. Adamantis has the potential to be one of the truly great minecraft builds, the detail and size of the city are both incredible, though it is huge

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