Adamantis Minecraft Fantasy City Download

adamantis minecraft fantasy city map download

One of the largest minecraft fantasy city builds of all time, Adamantis is a huge minecraft city available for download right this second. Based on classic architecture with a hefty twist of Greek influence, this is a beautiful creative build that truly showcases the possibilities of the game. Adamantis has the potential to be one of the truly great minecraft builds, the detail and size of the city are both incredible, though it is huge

minecraft fantasy map download

Adamantis is made up of 60,000,000 minecraft blocks (sixty million) and is set on high cliffs with aqueduct style bridges that span the breadth of the city. Minecraft is not known for its curves, but this is a city based on circles – which the Greeks also happened to be fond of. They were also fond of triangles, but that’s another minecraft map altogether.

minecraft cliff city download

There is something of a temple feel to this map, an atmosphere of holy, sacred space. Or, you know, something to unleash your griefing urges upon, if you happen to be that sort of person. This fantasy map can be used to create a minecraft fantasy server, and rumor has it that the creator is thinking of re-purposing it as a PvP map. You could also edit it and use it as a survival base for a hard mode world, or simply wander around it until you feel inspired and / or inadequate. It could go either way.

You’ll need to use the texture pack recommended for this map in order to experience its full glory. Players sticking rigorously to the default textures will discover a great fantasy city made out of melons. That’s right, melons. Quartz pillars might have been a better choice, but who are we to question the material choices of the inspired greats? It’s like saying that the Mona Lisa might have been better with eyebrows.

Are you ready to experience the glory that never was?

Download Adamantis, Minecraft Fantasy City!

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