Golem Pusher Minecraft Map Download

Seth Bling has done it again! This downloadable minecraft world incorporates an arcade game that gives you the opportunity to turn steel into diamonds. How can that be possible? Is it some kind of dark alchemy? No, it is simply the machinations of a mechanical mind at play.

The premise of Golem Pusher is simple. You climb on up to the top of the game and build yourself an Iron Golem. That Golem drops into the pool of Golems below. Because Golems don’t move very well (or almost at all in water), they need some force to move them around. The force of your Golem joining the pile of existing Golems might just be enough to push an existing golem into the pit, which triggers the reward.

This is a perfect game that can be edited into minecraft multiplayer server maps or even added to your own single player world with a tool like MCEdit.

Download Golem Pusher Arcade Game Minecraft World Download by Seth Bling!

Bedrock Survival, Minecraft Survival Map

I’m always on the lookout for simple minecraft survival maps that do something a little different, and this ‘Hell Gate’ style minecraft survival map certainly does that. It comes with one obvious goal – to complete the nether portal and escape into the hell dimension. That means getting diamonds and if one thing comes hard in minecraft, it’s diamond.

You begin the survival map on a small island of bedrock in the middle of a very large lake of lava. It’s the sort of predicament that makes your daemon self feel homesick. (The map maker doesn’t specify that you’re a daemon, that’s my own imaginings kicking in by way of explanation for being marooned in lava whilst trying to make it to the nether. If being a daemon bothers you, you could equally well imagine that you are an angel trapped in the lava lands who must travel through the nether to escape back to the ‘real’ world where people need you. That was probably the plot of ‘Touched by an Angel’ at least once. If you don’t know what ‘Touched by an Angel’ is, let me just say that the 80’s were a special time – you should have been there.

You should also play this survival map, because it’s different, it’s interesting and your skin looks really good in the lava light.

Download Bedrock Survival, Minecraft Survival map!

Cave Parkour Minecraft Parkour Map

Cave Parkour is a fast paced map that requires a modicum of jumping skill and a thorough understanding of the sprint button. One unique facet of the map is that it reccomends you play it on peaceful. This is because exploding creepers can cause offense, not to mention completely destroy the delicate balance of the parkour obstacles.

Without giving away any real spoilers, timed pistons have been heavily integrated into the map, meaning you must do more than just jump – you must time those jumps correctly.

This is a pretty challenging map, though it could be suitable for beginners they would have to be tenacious beginners who don’t give up the first few times they have to repeat a series of jumps.

If I were to make a criticism it is that sometimes one can get lost and not be sure of the way forward – not because the jumps are too hard, but because all caves sort of look the same. A few more signs with arrows would have helped, but all in all this is a nice map for those looking for a diamond collecting minecraft parkour challenge!

Download Cave Parkour, Minecraft Parkour Map!

Tree Survival Minecraft Map

Tree Survival is a high rise minecraft survival map where gravity is your greatest enemy. It comes with its own texture pack and signs that lie, so be careful about believing what you read.

The most interesting aspect of Tree Survival is the potentially transient nature of the ground. By that, I of course mean the tree leaves can and will disappear if you remove the wood that keeps them in place. This is worth keeping in mind before you hack out all the wood you can find to build yourself a house in the clouds.

Resources are not difficult to find. If you install the texture pack, resources like iron and diamond will appear to be part of the wood itself. If you don’t then you can see the stone quite clearly through the leaves.

The second major challenge is the multilevel aspect of the map. Because of the structure and layout of the tree, one finds oneself trying to work out how to descend without taking too much damage and ascend to escape danger and gather resources.

Up and down and round and round with diamond and sheeps and creepers and fire, making this map your own will be your greatest challenge.

Download Minecraft Tree Survival Map

Dead Survival Island Minecraft Survival Map

One could be forgiven for thinking that Minecraft was all about surviving on islands. In this map the island is dead and you must restore the island to life. It’s a nice twist on an established theme, not only ensuring your own survival, but the survival of your environment. One might say it’s a map with a message, but that would probably be going a little too far.

You spawn on the island, which is rather large but contains nothing besides dirt, sand, mountains and a couple of trees. The starting chest contains a block of grass, some sugar cane, a pumpkin, two mushrooms, a melon, a cactus and 64 cocoa beans. Just moments after spawning, it began to rain,which imparted a rather gloomy atmosphere that went very well with the whole ‘dead island’ theme.

What’s nice about this map is that you need to travel to acheieve your goals for survival. Unlike other maps, which cramp you into a tediously small space, this one gives you all the room you could need and more. Of course, it’s up to you to make that space usable. There are surprises hidden here and there, but the map relies on solid minecraft strategies rather than gimmicks. To survive you’re going to need to cultivate the soil, drive off enemies and expand your holdings a little bit at a time. In many respects playing this map took me back to my very first days of minecraft when it was in alpha and dirt and wood were the staples of the game.

For an old school challenge with a fresh face, I reccomend this map.

Download Dead Survival Island Minecraft Map!

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