Tree Survival Minecraft Map

Tree Survival is a high rise minecraft survival map where gravity is your greatest enemy. It comes with its own texture pack and signs that lie, so be careful about believing what you read.

The most interesting aspect of Tree Survival is the potentially transient nature of the ground. By that, I of course mean the tree leaves can and will disappear if you remove the wood that keeps them in place. This is worth keeping in mind before you hack out all the wood you can find to build yourself a house in the clouds.

Resources are not difficult to find. If you install the texture pack, resources like iron and diamond will appear to be part of the wood itself. If you don’t then you can see the stone quite clearly through the leaves.

The second major challenge is the multilevel aspect of the map. Because of the structure and layout of the tree, one finds oneself trying to work out how to descend without taking too much damage and ascend to escape danger and gather resources.

Up and down and round and round with diamond and sheeps and creepers and fire, making this map your own will be your greatest challenge.

Download Minecraft Tree Survival Map

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