Bedrock Survival, Minecraft Survival Map

I’m always on the lookout for simple minecraft survival maps that do something a little different, and this ‘Hell Gate’ style minecraft survival map certainly does that. It comes with one obvious goal – to complete the nether portal and escape into the hell dimension. That means getting diamonds and if one thing comes hard in minecraft, it’s diamond.

You begin the survival map on a small island of bedrock in the middle of a very large lake of lava. It’s the sort of predicament that makes your daemon self feel homesick. (The map maker doesn’t specify that you’re a daemon, that’s my own imaginings kicking in by way of explanation for being marooned in lava whilst trying to make it to the nether. If being a daemon bothers you, you could equally well imagine that you are an angel trapped in the lava lands who must travel through the nether to escape back to the ‘real’ world where people need you. That was probably the plot of ‘Touched by an Angel’ at least once. If you don’t know what ‘Touched by an Angel’ is, let me just say that the 80’s were a special time – you should have been there.

You should also play this survival map, because it’s different, it’s interesting and your skin looks really good in the lava light.

Download Bedrock Survival, Minecraft Survival map!

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