Golem Pusher Minecraft Map Download

Seth Bling has done it again! This downloadable minecraft world incorporates an arcade game that gives you the opportunity to turn steel into diamonds. How can that be possible? Is it some kind of dark alchemy? No, it is simply the machinations of a mechanical mind at play.

The premise of Golem Pusher is simple. You climb on up to the top of the game and build yourself an Iron Golem. That Golem drops into the pool of Golems below. Because Golems don’t move very well (or almost at all in water), they need some force to move them around. The force of your Golem joining the pile of existing Golems might just be enough to push an existing golem into the pit, which triggers the reward.

This is a perfect game that can be edited into minecraft multiplayer server maps or even added to your own single player world with a tool like MCEdit.

Download Golem Pusher Arcade Game Minecraft World Download by Seth Bling!

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