Minecraft XXL Download (1 Block = 1 Pixel)

Honey, I shrunk myself!

If you enjoy feeling small, or simply looking at large objects, you’ll be absolutely thrilled with this minecraft map download that presents minecraft blocks and objects in super large microscopic detail. (Yes, the concept of super large microscopic things is a paradox. Enjoy the brain twisting.) This minecraft map is pretty much the closest you’ll ever get to being Rick Moranis. Or Miss Frizzle.

Need a scale? Sure, here’s a scale for you. Every pixel in the standard 16x minecraft texture pack has been blown up to the size of one block. 1 Pixel = 1 Block = 1 Small Step For Mankind.

Download Minecraft XXL!

Minecraft Over-Engineering Smoothstone Generators World Download

Beautiful aren’t they? These mandalas of redstone construction are smoothstone generators capable of output so fast it will cause minecraft to lag, then cry softly into its mushroom soup. Watch the video to gain a new appreciation for the power of redstone.

Stone generators capable of generating 6,000 smoothstone blocks in a minute? No problem! Minecraft Over-Engineering is an amazing You Tube series that not only pushes the limits of what can be done in minecraft, but provides some pretty handy tutorials for the average player who wants something a little less manic. You can download the world file for the video you see above and play with these generators yourself, from the simple single column smoothstone generator to the behemoths you see at the end of the video.

Download St3venAU’s Stone Generator World Save File

Skydive! Minecraft Skydiving Map Download

The premise of this map is simple: jump from the very top of the map down to bedrock without dying. In other words, dive through the sky. Hm. Yes. We begin to see where some of these mysterious terms come from, don’t we? This minecraft map is pretty much a minecraft remake of AaAaAA!!! – A Reckless Disregard for Gravity.

Skydive Minecraft is suitable for both single player and multiplayer server play, so you and all your friends can jump together, finally answering the age old question: If all your friends were going to jump off a tower, would you do it too? Yes. As it turns out, you totally would.

If you’re playing in singleplayer without mods, you have a bit of a hike to the top, but vine travel is very comfortable these days and you can just sit back and enjoy the journey. You’re going to wish minecraft had some kind of auto run/ climb button, but the work taken getting to the top will totally be worth it. Maybe next time the spawn will be at the top. Maybe it won’t. There’s no fun in climbing Mount Everest if you’re born at the top of it. After a while, you forget that you’re climbing and it starts to feel like a really slow horizontal race against nothing.

The other gift the climb gives you is a very real appreciation of just how far you’ll be falling once you make the dive. It’s a long way down. A very long way. In fact, this map may actually give you a sense of vertigo.

Once you start playing you’ll probably die quite a lot. The flying mechanic isn’t exactly sorted in minecraft and getting your line right is a difficult task at the best of times. Still, a new challenge is always a welcome thing in minecraft, isn’t it? If all those islands were getting stale, this is the sort of thing that will shake you up and make you grateful for solid ground.

Download Minecraft Skydiving Map

Download The Earth In Minecraft | Playable Minecraft Map of the World

I reviewed this map back when it was in its early stages and was just blown away by it then. This is a map of the entire planet earth made, to scale, in minecraft. It’s huge of course, just under half a gig of data to download but man oh man is it basically the perfect minecraft map. With the minecraft earth map you can finally live your dream of conquering the world without reality getting in your way. From the great deserts to frozen wastelands, this is a snapshot in time compiled by using satellite images from NASA to render the world as it was around the end of the 21st century.

Was that a Matrix reference? Oh yes, because you are now free to create your own matrix on this landscape. There are no cities, but there are signs where cities are currently located, so if you want to rebuild New York or Paris and give yourself a penthouse apartment that looks out over the Champs y Broadway, that’s doable. This really is an exciting minecraft, one of the very few ‘must downloads’ out there. It comes in two formats, SSP and SMP, so you can play it singleplayer and multiplayer.

Download the Planet Earth Minecraft Map! (Final Version)

Minecraft Egypt Nile Delta Map Download

This minecraft map download encompasses the entire Nile delta, which is a significant amount of land. This is one of the biggest desert map downloads out there and though it is not a survival map or an adventure map or any other kind of minecraft map besides one that can be built on, it is quite an impressive sight and stretches for many, many miles. Though the map is provided in creative mode, you can easily use a program like MCEdit to change it to survival mode if you want to found your own civilization. You can also use this map on a multiplayer server, where you and your friends can enjoy all the fun of sweltering in the desert heat.

Download the Minecraft Nile Delta Map

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