Minecraft Firework Explosions | Minecraft Indoor Fireworks

minecraft fireworks explosions

If minecraft fireworks are set off in enclosed spaces, the firework will ‘stick’ into the ceiling, then explode in a dramatic shower of light.

minecraft indoor fireworks

Minecraft Over-Engineering Smoothstone Generators World Download

Beautiful aren’t they? These mandalas of redstone construction are smoothstone generators capable of output so fast it will cause minecraft to lag, then cry softly into its mushroom soup. Watch the video to gain a new appreciation for the power of redstone.

Stone generators capable of generating 6,000 smoothstone blocks in a minute? No problem! Minecraft Over-Engineering is an amazing You Tube series that not only pushes the limits of what can be done in minecraft, but provides some pretty handy tutorials for the average player who wants something a little less manic. You can download the world file for the video you see above and play with these generators yourself, from the simple single column smoothstone generator to the behemoths you see at the end of the video.

Download St3venAU’s Stone Generator World Save File

New Wooden Planks for Minecraft 1.2.4 | Minecraft Wood Plank Guide


The new minecraft wood planks, along with the saplings they grow from. Click the image to enlarge it.

A relatively small patch has changed the way minecrafters build wooden houses forever! In the past it didn’t matter what kind of wood you made your planks from, they always looked the same. But now there are different textures for Apple Wood, Pine, Birch and Jungle wooden planks. If you’ve been building wooden structures out of a mish-mash of wooden planks in the past, never fear, older structures will still be the ‘default’ apple wood plank texture.

Apple Wood Planks = ‘Original’ minecraft wood plank texture.
Birch Wood Planks = Light wood planks
Jungle Wood Planks = Reddish / orange wood planks.
Pine Wood Planks = Dark wood planks.

How To Make A Minecraft Iron Golem

An iron golem is a protective mob that will naturally spawn in any village with more than 15 villagers. You can also make your own iron golems with three blocks of iron and a pumpkin. Place the iron blocks in a ‘T’ formation, just like making a scarecrow. Bring the iron golem to life by placing a pumpkin on top of the iron blocks where the head should go.

Fun Iron Golem Facts:

  • Slaying an iron golem will provide iron ingots and roses – because iron golems have a poetic side and love to pick roses.
  • Iron golems are hostile to most aggressive mobs, apart from creepers, slimes, ghasts and magma cubes.
  • Iron golems protect villagers by throwing hostiles high into the air.
  • You will need a diamond sword and fifteen clean hits to kill an iron golem.

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