Cavern Survival, Underground Minecraft Survival Map

Underground minecraft survival underground is a less frequently use device than you might think, which makes this Cavern Survival map quite an original piece of work.

Instead of laboring beneath the big square sun in the sky, you must eek your existence out like a Morlock. (That’s a human that has evolved underground for many generations, not to be confused with a Murloc, which is an aquatic lizard creature that hunts in tribes and says ALLLALALAURABLGR a lot.

Right, now we have that out of the way, back to the map itself. I enjoyed Cavern Survival because it forced a different strategy than light walking maps do. You have to know a little bit about how to make things grow underground in order to survive. (The wiki is always a good place to go if you don’t know why none of your trees are growing.)

One might be forgiven for thinking than an underground minecraft survival map would be an ugly, or at the very least, boring place. But these caverns are actually quite visually appealing places with high ceilings and just enough touches of green to make a day dweller feel somewhat at home. This place could be a paradise you know. Why not make it one?

Download Cavern Survival, Underground Minecraft Survival Map

Sand Tomb Hostile Minecraft Survival Map

Thank you and have a nice death! Based on super hostile principles, Sand Tomb is a minecraft survival map that will try to kill you as often as possible.

Quite a large map, there are plenty of dungeons to explore in Sand Tomb. Most of them are fairly unpleasant. Occasionally however, the map will hand you one of the five mushrooms you must collect in order to win.

There is a certain ‘sandbox’ feel to the map however, because the active playing area is ringed by bedrock and surrounded by grass flatlands. But this isn’t like any other sandbox you’ve ever tried to build sandcastles in, on account of the copious amounts of lava flowing everywhere and the traps that seek to destroy you at every turn.

With several surprises lying in wait for the unwary player, this is a surprisingly fun hostile map. I found myself wandering a lot, enjoying the process of exploration as much as the experience of surviving devious snares and tricks. Even when terrible things happen, one finds it somewhat endearing. Assuming one has already stashed one’s hard won items before falling prey to the inevitable traps.

Download Sand Tomb Super Hostile Minecraft Survival Map!

The Lost Paradise, Minecraft Adventure / Survival / Puzzle / Parkour Map

The Lost Paradise is a minecraft map download with a little bit of everything. It begins with a maze and a parkour challenge, so pure survivalists are going to get pretty frustrated right off the bat. Or they’re going to smash out a few lantern blocks and make their own stairs. Because people who can’t jump but like to play survival maps are going to get a lot more out of this map than people who can jump but don’t like survival maps.

The Lost Paradise (warning, sort of a spoiler) is a magical land hidden away inside a dome of ice. It is largely comprised of a large flat tree that looks like something out of The Lion King and a bunch of colored sheepies. There’s quite a lot of land to explore under the ice dome, so you won’t want for dirt, grass or or yellow wool anytime soon. However, and this is a pretty big however, the map has been constructed on the Flatlands setting, which means you can’t just go ahead and dig for the resources you’re going to need. You’ll have to explore for them.

All in all this is a pretty deep survival / adventure map with a frosting of puzzle and parkour. If you’re looking for something new, a well rounded minecraft experience in the hands of a creator who knows how to pique your interest and make a world worth exploring, then The Lost Paradise is a minecraft map you should download.

Download The Lost Paradise, Minecraft Adventure / Survival / Puzzle / Parkour Map!

Shatter Sky Island Minecraft Survival Map

Shatter is very much like many other sky maps except for the island upon which you would have found yourself residing has exploded and you have to rescue your dog and perhaps a Testificate from one of the shattered isles, as it were.

There are more achievements than there are fingers on my hands, which means that there are a whole lot of achievements for you to, er, acheive. Some of them don’t seem to be entirely meaningful, like creating five snow golems. Others are steps along the way to creating a grand metropolis in the sky full of happy villagers and their iron golem watchmen.

As with other minecraft sky survival maps there is a certain risk associated with falling whilst carrying sensitive and important blocks.

A good solid survival map with the capacity to send you over the edge (that’s the literal in game edge, not the real world edge,) Shatter Survival Island is one to add to your minecraft map download list!

Download Shatter, Minecraft Sky Island Survival Map!

Bedrock Survival, Minecraft Survival Map

I’m always on the lookout for simple minecraft survival maps that do something a little different, and this ‘Hell Gate’ style minecraft survival map certainly does that. It comes with one obvious goal – to complete the nether portal and escape into the hell dimension. That means getting diamonds and if one thing comes hard in minecraft, it’s diamond.

You begin the survival map on a small island of bedrock in the middle of a very large lake of lava. It’s the sort of predicament that makes your daemon self feel homesick. (The map maker doesn’t specify that you’re a daemon, that’s my own imaginings kicking in by way of explanation for being marooned in lava whilst trying to make it to the nether. If being a daemon bothers you, you could equally well imagine that you are an angel trapped in the lava lands who must travel through the nether to escape back to the ‘real’ world where people need you. That was probably the plot of ‘Touched by an Angel’ at least once. If you don’t know what ‘Touched by an Angel’ is, let me just say that the 80’s were a special time – you should have been there.

You should also play this survival map, because it’s different, it’s interesting and your skin looks really good in the lava light.

Download Bedrock Survival, Minecraft Survival map!

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