Sand Tomb Hostile Minecraft Survival Map

Thank you and have a nice death! Based on super hostile principles, Sand Tomb is a minecraft survival map that will try to kill you as often as possible.

Quite a large map, there are plenty of dungeons to explore in Sand Tomb. Most of them are fairly unpleasant. Occasionally however, the map will hand you one of the five mushrooms you must collect in order to win.

There is a certain ‘sandbox’ feel to the map however, because the active playing area is ringed by bedrock and surrounded by grass flatlands. But this isn’t like any other sandbox you’ve ever tried to build sandcastles in, on account of the copious amounts of lava flowing everywhere and the traps that seek to destroy you at every turn.

With several surprises lying in wait for the unwary player, this is a surprisingly fun hostile map. I found myself wandering a lot, enjoying the process of exploration as much as the experience of surviving devious snares and tricks. Even when terrible things happen, one finds it somewhat endearing. Assuming one has already stashed one’s hard won items before falling prey to the inevitable traps.

Download Sand Tomb Super Hostile Minecraft Survival Map!

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