Chest Survival Minecraft Survival Map

Minecraft Chest Survival is a simple minecraft survival map in which you spawn inside an oversized chest. Inside the chest is a you. And you must try to survive inside this thing that is, itself a minecraft chest. There’s also a massive crafting table you get to crawl inside of as well, so that’s nice. Oh, and an oversized bookshelf, for you literary types who eschew the brawny emphasis on crafting.

Played on peaceful, minecraft chest survival is a pretty easy map. Played on any other setting, it’s quite difficult because there are spawners absolutely everywhere. Because the entire thing is built on one of those flatlands saves, you’re not going to gain anything by mining out of the chest, in fact you’re better off in the chest than out of it. Your prison is your succor and your salvation.

So don’t get too upset by the fact that you can see all the ore out there in your face. It’s the only ore you’re getting so you better appreciate it and love it and call it George.

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Boxicated Classic Minecraft Survival Map

Boxicated is a very small minecraft survival map that will please a bunch of old school minecraft survival map players. When I say ‘old school’ I mean people who consider Sky Block and Survival Island to be quintessential survival map types. You spawn inside a very small bedrock box. You’re allowed to mine outside the box, but you’re not allowed to mine to the surface outside the box. That’s a rule to remember because it will only take a wooden spade to escape the box if you really want to.

Fortunately the interior of the earth is more interesting than what lies above it. I won’t spoil it too much, but you should watch out for arrows coming out of nowhere, appearing from the void to spear your frail blocky frame. Though this is a small and simple map, it works. I thought it was perhaps too facile to be entertaining, but before I knew what was happening I was hoarding iron and wondering how tto best make use of my tall bedrock box.

Are there challenges? Of course, all the usual challenges, create houses, farms, design farms, generate cobblestone. (You always have to generate cobblestone, even when there’s really no need to on this map because you can mine right into the very depths of the minecraft earth if you want.) There are also other, more interesting challenges, like lake building and secret chest finding.

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The Jumper Minecraft Survival Map

A truly new type of minecraft survival map, The Jumper places the player in a quandary at the outset. There are several islands floating in a void. This probably sounds derivative and boring at this point, but wait, there’s more. There’s a portal to The End right at the beginning of the map – a sign of greater things to come.

Instead of grinding your way across the islands, trying to survive by building cobblestone generators and that sort of thing, you use Ender Pearls to teleport from island to island, each island acting like a separate level with gradually increasing difficulty – and offering increasingly powerful rewards.

At the end of each island, you have a choice. Do you grab your Ender Pearl, progress to the next island and risk death, and therefore failure, or do you go and fight the Enderdragon with the supplies you have managed to gather thus far?

With eleven islands to play on, there’s quite a lot of scope for extended play, though you can somewhat forget about building a homestead and settling down behind a metaphorical minecraft white picket fence. This map ends with one of two things: death or dragon.

Download The Jumper Minecraft Survival Map

Fish Tank Survival Minecraft Map

I love survival maps where I get to live in a tank or enclosure of some kind. Like Ant Farm Survival, for instance. They just feel cozy. This one’s a little watery to be entirely comfortable.

How did you end up in a fish tank? A giant put you in there of course. He wants you to do chores. I love the idea of a mentally inept giant who shoves you into a bowl filled with water and tells you to get to work, it’s darkly charming.

Fortunately for all concerned there are pockets of air in the fish bowl, otherwise this would be a very short lived minecraft map indeed.

Navigating this map is a challenge that I think a lot of minecraft survival map afficianados will really enjoy. This map is difficult because you have to keep oxygen supply in mind whilst dawdling about the place. Getting off track in your mission will lead to a swift and punishing demise with a lot of punching sounds for added effect.

Escaping the tank isn’t all that hard, but there is very little point in doing so as the map has been created in Flatland mode, so you’re leaping out of the frying pan and into the perfectly plain terrain with nothing but dirt and grass to comfort yourself with.

There are plenty of challenges for people who like that sort of thing to complete and more wild and wooly types can occupy themselves with the task of making a big tank of water their home.

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Demon Lands Minecraft Survival Map

The Demon Lands are not a pleasant place. You’ll spawn to discover a harsh, barren landscape punctuated by yawning caverns that wind deep below the surface.

Some minecraft survival maps are difficult because of limited space, some are difficult because of limited resoures and some are difficult because the very land itself seems to want to hurt you. Demon Lands is the last of these kinds of maps.

Resources are not too difficult to come by, at least the type of resources you dig out of the ground. Coal, cobblestone and even iron are relatively easily found. So is wood thanks to the vast pine planation – evidently a work of more organized, environmentally minded demons. Grass is at a premium however – probably because it would only take a single block to start the transformation from land of deamons to land of pretty rolling meadows.

The map is large, but in the same way a day seems long when you’re listening to a lecture on the origins of the word ‘drab’. Far from making survival easy, the scale of the map creates a kind of dull tedium which the player must overcome.

Surviving in the deamon lands isn’t just about trying to get a cow to spawn (though I wish you the best of luck with that). It’s about overcoming the deamons in your very mind.

Download Demon Lands Minecraft Survival Map

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