Boxicated Classic Minecraft Survival Map

Boxicated is a very small minecraft survival map that will please a bunch of old school minecraft survival map players. When I say ‘old school’ I mean people who consider Sky Block and Survival Island to be quintessential survival map types. You spawn inside a very small bedrock box. You’re allowed to mine outside the box, but you’re not allowed to mine to the surface outside the box. That’s a rule to remember because it will only take a wooden spade to escape the box if you really want to.

Fortunately the interior of the earth is more interesting than what lies above it. I won’t spoil it too much, but you should watch out for arrows coming out of nowhere, appearing from the void to spear your frail blocky frame. Though this is a small and simple map, it works. I thought it was perhaps too facile to be entertaining, but before I knew what was happening I was hoarding iron and wondering how tto best make use of my tall bedrock box.

Are there challenges? Of course, all the usual challenges, create houses, farms, design farms, generate cobblestone. (You always have to generate cobblestone, even when there’s really no need to on this map because you can mine right into the very depths of the minecraft earth if you want.) There are also other, more interesting challenges, like lake building and secret chest finding.

Download Boxicated Classic Minecraft Survival Map

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