The Jumper Minecraft Survival Map

A truly new type of minecraft survival map, The Jumper places the player in a quandary at the outset. There are several islands floating in a void. This probably sounds derivative and boring at this point, but wait, there’s more. There’s a portal to The End right at the beginning of the map – a sign of greater things to come.

Instead of grinding your way across the islands, trying to survive by building cobblestone generators and that sort of thing, you use Ender Pearls to teleport from island to island, each island acting like a separate level with gradually increasing difficulty – and offering increasingly powerful rewards.

At the end of each island, you have a choice. Do you grab your Ender Pearl, progress to the next island and risk death, and therefore failure, or do you go and fight the Enderdragon with the supplies you have managed to gather thus far?

With eleven islands to play on, there’s quite a lot of scope for extended play, though you can somewhat forget about building a homestead and settling down behind a metaphorical minecraft white picket fence. This map ends with one of two things: death or dragon.

Download The Jumper Minecraft Survival Map

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