Cavern Survival, Underground Minecraft Survival Map

Underground minecraft survival underground is a less frequently use device than you might think, which makes this Cavern Survival map quite an original piece of work.

Instead of laboring beneath the big square sun in the sky, you must eek your existence out like a Morlock. (That’s a human that has evolved underground for many generations, not to be confused with a Murloc, which is an aquatic lizard creature that hunts in tribes and says ALLLALALAURABLGR a lot.

Right, now we have that out of the way, back to the map itself. I enjoyed Cavern Survival because it forced a different strategy than light walking maps do. You have to know a little bit about how to make things grow underground in order to survive. (The wiki is always a good place to go if you don’t know why none of your trees are growing.)

One might be forgiven for thinking than an underground minecraft survival map would be an ugly, or at the very least, boring place. But these caverns are actually quite visually appealing places with high ceilings and just enough touches of green to make a day dweller feel somewhat at home. This place could be a paradise you know. Why not make it one?

Download Cavern Survival, Underground Minecraft Survival Map

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