Minecart Survival, Minecraft Survival Map

You’ve survived in an Ant Farm, you’ve survived in a Fish Tank, you’ve even survived in a Hamster Cage – but now it is time to survive in a minecart. That’s right, it’s the newest iteration of one of the oldest minecraft survival themes.

Of course, this isn’t all about survival in a gimmicky landscape, remember that tiny pharoh buried in a minecart? That guy? Yeah, well if you play Minecart Survival, you’ll get to unearth him. Pretty sweet.

None of this makes any sense of course, but then again, trying to survive inside a giant minecraft makes very little sense on its own. Looking for sense in these things is like looking for pigs on mars.

There are lots of challenges for people who like minecraft survival challenges and there’s a nice nether portal to complete so you can escape into the dimension of firey things on fire that set you on fire and shoot fire at you whilst they’re on fire.

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Melon Survival, Minecraft Survival Map

Here’s hoping you like melon. Because Melon Survival is a minecraft survival map with a whole lot of melons. In some respects, one could say that it is entirely made of melons. Actually, in almost all respects one could say that.

Interestingly enough the map maker decided to put most of the useful-ish resources fairly near the spawn point, just in case your search skills involve sitting and spawn and calling out like a baby bird having fallen out of the nest.

some animals are in evidence, though I’m not sure at the time of writing if this is because of hidden dirt (let’s hope so), or because the map maker left them there, like relics of a time gone by. I suspect so, as I also came across a pit of dogs. Was that a spoiler? Hardly, you would have found it yourself if you bothered to walk around the map once.

Basic survival skills are going to be essential if you hope to survive. By that I mean you’re going to have to work out how to get by without anything but melon to eat. Be careful where you dig, because you’ll have to be able to step ladder yourself back out. And watch out for your blood sugar levels.

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Mooshroom Rage Minecraft Game

This minecraft fight map reminded me of a WoW or RPG style boss fight. Specifically, you’re trying to damage the boss whilst minions come at you in constant flows. It’s surprisingly hard to send arrows into a giant mooshroom’s face whilst zombies gently nudge you into lava. Subsequently, even on the easy setting, your view often ends up being more like the one pictured below than above.

This is a great, fun minecraft map. I wish we had a proper name for this genre of maps, we’ve called them attack maps, combat maps, game maps. This one is mostly a minecraft ‘argh I’m on fire’ map. It’s good for up to two players, so if you can find a friend to play with you, do that. As the old adage goes, hordes of zombies shared are hordes of zombies halved.

Download Mooshroom Rage Minecraft Survival Attack Argh On Fire Map!

Lava Block Minecraft Lava Survival Map

Lava Block appears to be a simple minecraft survival map, but it is anything but. The lava hides secrets! It’s safe to say without being too spoiler-y that the lava sea, whilst very dangerous, is somewhat mitigated by the fact that it is actually a water ocean topped with a layer of lava. You can fall through lava and then immerse yourself in the cooling embrace of tonnes of water. The problem however, is the fact that falling through lava makes you take damage and then there’s more trouble ahead in the form of drowning so, you know, plan your descents and ascents wisely.

The starting chest in this survival map contains nothing but 128 blocks of water, which can and will turn much of the map to obsidian before you can say ‘where’s my bucket’.

Though this looks like a typical ‘islands set in lava’ minecraft map, it’s actually anything but. You need a good handle on survival strategy, an understanding of the mechanics of minecraft and a willingness to leap into lava to survive here. Are you ready to take that fiery leap?

Download Lava Block Minecraft Lava Survival Map

Stonecraft Minecraft Survival Island Map

The island, it is made of stone! And you must survive in these stony isles, where punching will only leave you with bloodied fists. Judicious use of clay deposits as well as a generous helping of not one, but two trees are enough to get you started on your way to surviving a very gray world.

There are lots of challenges included in this map, so people who like challenges will enjoy that. Also, because this map has been created on a plains biome, not an ocean biome, animals spawn quite readily, which is useful for people who don’t like starving.

Though this map at first appears to be little more than a barren wasteland with precious few green spots to reccomend it, once the interior of the island is explored things start to get a little more interesting. Minecraft survivalists with a penchant for remote island survival scenarios are going to enjoy this map.

Download Stonecraft Minecraft Survival Island Map

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