Mooshroom Rage Minecraft Game

This minecraft fight map reminded me of a WoW or RPG style boss fight. Specifically, you’re trying to damage the boss whilst minions come at you in constant flows. It’s surprisingly hard to send arrows into a giant mooshroom’s face whilst zombies gently nudge you into lava. Subsequently, even on the easy setting, your view often ends up being more like the one pictured below than above.

This is a great, fun minecraft map. I wish we had a proper name for this genre of maps, we’ve called them attack maps, combat maps, game maps. This one is mostly a minecraft ‘argh I’m on fire’ map. It’s good for up to two players, so if you can find a friend to play with you, do that. As the old adage goes, hordes of zombies shared are hordes of zombies halved.

Download Mooshroom Rage Minecraft Survival Attack Argh On Fire Map!

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