Lava Block Minecraft Lava Survival Map

Lava Block appears to be a simple minecraft survival map, but it is anything but. The lava hides secrets! It’s safe to say without being too spoiler-y that the lava sea, whilst very dangerous, is somewhat mitigated by the fact that it is actually a water ocean topped with a layer of lava. You can fall through lava and then immerse yourself in the cooling embrace of tonnes of water. The problem however, is the fact that falling through lava makes you take damage and then there’s more trouble ahead in the form of drowning so, you know, plan your descents and ascents wisely.

The starting chest in this survival map contains nothing but 128 blocks of water, which can and will turn much of the map to obsidian before you can say ‘where’s my bucket’.

Though this looks like a typical ‘islands set in lava’ minecraft map, it’s actually anything but. You need a good handle on survival strategy, an understanding of the mechanics of minecraft and a willingness to leap into lava to survive here. Are you ready to take that fiery leap?

Download Lava Block Minecraft Lava Survival Map

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