Melon Survival, Minecraft Survival Map

Here’s hoping you like melon. Because Melon Survival is a minecraft survival map with a whole lot of melons. In some respects, one could say that it is entirely made of melons. Actually, in almost all respects one could say that.

Interestingly enough the map maker decided to put most of the useful-ish resources fairly near the spawn point, just in case your search skills involve sitting and spawn and calling out like a baby bird having fallen out of the nest.

some animals are in evidence, though I’m not sure at the time of writing if this is because of hidden dirt (let’s hope so), or because the map maker left them there, like relics of a time gone by. I suspect so, as I also came across a pit of dogs. Was that a spoiler? Hardly, you would have found it yourself if you bothered to walk around the map once.

Basic survival skills are going to be essential if you hope to survive. By that I mean you’re going to have to work out how to get by without anything but melon to eat. Be careful where you dig, because you’ll have to be able to step ladder yourself back out. And watch out for your blood sugar levels.

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