Dark Schisms Minecraft Survival Map

A new kind of exciting and dangerous minecraft survival map, Dark Schism will push your sense of balance to the edge. Multiple single pillars are the only landscape you have to work with. There’s a starting chest but it’s not going to fill in all the gaps, not by a long shot.

You’re supposed to play on easy or higher, though any monsters attempting to harm you are going to have a hard time of it given that the only mode of approach is through thin air and void – apart from the solid spaces you yourself create of course. That goes both ways of course, there are moments when a cow or sheep or pig appears on a far off pillar with no way to be obtained.

There’s been a lot of these ‘gimicky’ sort of maps, but this one is actually a lot of fun. It is difficult and different enough to hold an experienced player’s attention. Gathering enough dirt to grow a farm, for instance, is quite a challenge. There’s also the matter of spreading rolling green hills from the top of one of the pretty green pillars.

There are challenges, like visiting the End and slaying the dragon, but most of the challenge is in creating a playable surface and surviving against the odds. You could play on peaceful and still find this map to be entertaining.

Download Dark Schisms Minecraft Survival Map

Hamster Land Minecraft Survival Map

In Hamster Land Survival. You’re in bedrock wire cage inside a bedroom large enough to lose yourself in six times over. Not seven times over, six times over. I like to be specific about these things. Basically, you’re a hamster. A hamster trapped inside an unnaturally bright cage designed to appeal to your juvenile human owners, not to you. Your share your mission with every pet hamster in the world – survive, survive at all costs!

The map is massive, mostly because of the massive bedroom that acts as little more than backdrop to your struggle for life and sustenance. I can respect that, even though it does take quite a wee while for it to convert to Anvil. At the present time the Polish version is the one that doesn’t suffocate the player upon spawning and isn’t stuck in creative mode. So download that one if the English one does its best to destroy you.

This is a fun little map that anyone who loved Minecraft Fish Tank Survival or Minecraft Sandbox Survival, or Minecraft Chest Survival will probably also love.

Go ahead and download Hamster Land Minecraft Survival Map Download!

Treasure Farm Minecraft Survival Map

Treasure Farm is an almost dead farm waiting to be carefully tended back to life by a player with a green stump. (Minecraft Steve doesn’t really have fingers or thumbs, does he?)You start out on a large chunk of dirt with a bit of sand floating about the place too. Your job is to farm this chunk with all of your farmer-ly might.

In order to create a farm, you’re going to have to unearth all the hidden chests (this is where the ‘treasure’ part of things comes in). It’s a simple premise for a simple map – which is almost always an indication of a very good minecraft survival map in my experience.

Want challenges? There’s more challenges for this minecraft map than space to list them, that’s how many challenges there are.Treasure farm has a bunch of mod specific challenges too, so if you’re playing with Mo’Creatures, Pam’s Harvestcraft, or More Creeps and Weirdos those mods can be incorporated into your survival experience. I’m liking this emerging trend of including mods in maps, as long as they’re optional, maps that require mods aren’t as fun because mods are still cumbersome to install and uninstall.

Whether you’re looking for a simple minecraft survival map, or a survival map that is fun to play with mods, I recommend Treasure Farm.

Download Treasure Farm, Minecraft Survival Map!

Cleardell Island, Minecraft Survival Map

Cleardell Island is a sandy beach island located in the middle of a beautiful, seemingly endless, blue sea. As it turns out, it doesn’t really much matter if the sea is endless or not becauase you’re not allowed off the island.

There’s an (optional) mod that comes with this map, a melon juice mod. Your mission, if you choose to installit, is to plant melons, craft adorable little glass cups and survive solely on melon juice. I heartily approve of this challenge because it is a charming break from the usual ‘build a house’, ‘build a cobblestone generator’ challenges, which are also included with this map beecause tradition. One of these days I’m going to build a survival map made entirely out of cobblestone and still insist that people build a generator.

Anyway, Cleardell island is a pretty solid survival island map, something fresh and summery for the long winters in the northern hemisphere. There’s a lot of sand to deal with, a few palm trees to sip your melon juice under and a bunch of challenges to keep you entertained until help doesn’t come.

Download Cleardell Island, Minecraft Island Survival Map

Download The Earth In Minecraft | Playable Minecraft Map of the World

I reviewed this map back when it was in its early stages and was just blown away by it then. This is a map of the entire planet earth made, to scale, in minecraft. It’s huge of course, just under half a gig of data to download but man oh man is it basically the perfect minecraft map. With the minecraft earth map you can finally live your dream of conquering the world without reality getting in your way. From the great deserts to frozen wastelands, this is a snapshot in time compiled by using satellite images from NASA to render the world as it was around the end of the 21st century.

Was that a Matrix reference? Oh yes, because you are now free to create your own matrix on this landscape. There are no cities, but there are signs where cities are currently located, so if you want to rebuild New York or Paris and give yourself a penthouse apartment that looks out over the Champs y Broadway, that’s doable. This really is an exciting minecraft, one of the very few ‘must downloads’ out there. It comes in two formats, SSP and SMP, so you can play it singleplayer and multiplayer.

Download the Planet Earth Minecraft Map! (Final Version)

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