Dark Schisms Minecraft Survival Map

A new kind of exciting and dangerous minecraft survival map, Dark Schism will push your sense of balance to the edge. Multiple single pillars are the only landscape you have to work with. There’s a starting chest but it’s not going to fill in all the gaps, not by a long shot.

You’re supposed to play on easy or higher, though any monsters attempting to harm you are going to have a hard time of it given that the only mode of approach is through thin air and void – apart from the solid spaces you yourself create of course. That goes both ways of course, there are moments when a cow or sheep or pig appears on a far off pillar with no way to be obtained.

There’s been a lot of these ‘gimicky’ sort of maps, but this one is actually a lot of fun. It is difficult and different enough to hold an experienced player’s attention. Gathering enough dirt to grow a farm, for instance, is quite a challenge. There’s also the matter of spreading rolling green hills from the top of one of the pretty green pillars.

There are challenges, like visiting the End and slaying the dragon, but most of the challenge is in creating a playable surface and surviving against the odds. You could play on peaceful and still find this map to be entertaining.

Download Dark Schisms Minecraft Survival Map

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