Minecart Survival, Minecraft Survival Map

You’ve survived in an Ant Farm, you’ve survived in a Fish Tank, you’ve even survived in a Hamster Cage – but now it is time to survive in a minecart. That’s right, it’s the newest iteration of one of the oldest minecraft survival themes.

Of course, this isn’t all about survival in a gimmicky landscape, remember that tiny pharoh buried in a minecart? That guy? Yeah, well if you play Minecart Survival, you’ll get to unearth him. Pretty sweet.

None of this makes any sense of course, but then again, trying to survive inside a giant minecraft makes very little sense on its own. Looking for sense in these things is like looking for pigs on mars.

There are lots of challenges for people who like minecraft survival challenges and there’s a nice nether portal to complete so you can escape into the dimension of firey things on fire that set you on fire and shoot fire at you whilst they’re on fire.

Download Minecart Survival, Minecraft Survival Map!

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