Top Three Minecraft Adventure Map Downloads For Minecraft 1.4

Minecraft 1.4 is out! (Or will be out very soon if you’re not the sort of person who downloads minecraft snapshots.) The minecraft 1.4 update comes packed with new features that will make minecraft maps, specifically minecraft adventure maps, a whole new beast. If you’re looking for the best minecraft adventure maps for minecraft 1.4, you need look no further.

Want to make your own minecraft adventure map and wondering how these maps do what they do? Time for you to learn how to use the minecraft command block!

Slender’s Forest Minecraft Map for 1.4

Are you ready to venture into a terrifying forest where dark horrors await around every corner? Are you ready to experience the full power of the new minecraft adventure mode? Slender’s Forest is a terrifying realm, one where you must watch every step you make, and even where you are looking, for the Slenderman only attacks those who look into his slender eyes.

Acel’s Angel Minecraft Adventure Map

In this minecraft adventure map you play the role of Acel’s Angel, a angel sent from heaven to take mortal form and answer the prayers of a mother whose son has been kidnapped by an evil man named ‘Sender’ who is holding him in a fortress, as evil people tend to do. Your job is to break into the fortress and free the young man – but getting in won’t be simple. Fortunately for you Sender is the sort of man who likes to set trials and play games, so you get to leap through his hoops in hopes of being the first angel to answer a person’s prayers.

Most all adventure maps have quests and tasks and puzzles to complete, but this is the first minecraft map I’ve played that asked a series of general knowledge questions, the consequences of getting them wrong being death. This therefore, is a minecraft map with high educational value.

The Stranded Pirate, Minecraft Adventure Map Download

Uh oh… looks like someone sailed his or her boat right into the side of a whacking great island. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Arrr me hearties! Are you the swashbuckling sort? Do you have it in you to solve puzzles, survive on a peaceful island and eventually escape? This is basically an adventure map for the sort of pirate who preferred crosswords to plundering. A smart pirate survives long enough to pass his or her genes along and become an evolutionary pirate success. But we are digressing. (I’ve been watching too many documentaries about tiger breeding.)

Minerim, Minecraft Skyrim Map Download

Dovahkiin, can you survive in a world of squares? This Skyrim inspired minecraft adventure map set in Riften, with builds of the Temple of Mara and other memorable Skyrim locations makes the world of ‘Minerim’ a dangerous, beautiful and exciting one. There are fourteen unique quests to complete, and most of them wont end up with you becoming the leader of every single organization in the whole of Skyrim. Also, you won’t need the Hearthfire expansion pack in order to build your own house – although you will need to collect your own resources in order to do so.

This, I hope, represents a glimpse into the future of gaming. Malleable worlds in which NPCs live their lives and challenges must be met, and yet the world will also respond to the player’s touch. Imagine a Skyrim style game with Minecraft’s world building opportunities. We’re probably a few years off yet. In the meantime, there’s this amazing adventure map download to play with.

Download Minecraft Minerim, the Skyrim Map!

Medieval Times Minecraft Adventure Map

The times, they are medieval good sirs and ladies. And your adventure is beginning in a land where the dragons of legend might very well exist. This minecraft adventure map uses a lot of the solid RPG tropes, like having to satisfy grumpy guards who want you to go into ruins to find swords for them. I was rather reminded of FF8 at the outset, of the dungeon where one fights the Brothers. If only minecraft had a way to program your very own villains right into the game – to breathe speech onto mobs. But I digress.

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