Abandoned Minecraft Mansion Map Download

minecraft abandoned mansion map download

Want to explore a large, abandoned old mansion? Of course you do. This minecraft mansion has over a hundred rooms, each left to the whims of nature. The old grand halls are empty now, but for you. There’s something very ‘The Shining’ about this minecraft map. It’s not strictly a Shining Minecraft Map, but with a little imagination, it possibly could be. There are extensive and somewhat overgrown grounds to explore as well, including a giant tree which has no doubt been growing since before the foundations of the mansion were poured. There’s also the family mausoleum to visit, a gazebo nestled amidst flowering trees and many more fascinating little nooks and crannies.

Faerinia Fantasy Adventure Minecraft Map Download

faerinia minecraft fantasy adventure map download

This large minecraft fantasy map is ready to be downloaded for the first time. When completed, Faerinia will be a minecraft adventure unmatched, unrivaled and generally un-ed. For the moment it is a well made and impressive island continent of a creation, which you could use for a multiplayer map, upload to a server, or simply wander around contemplating the meaning of minecraft life. Some cities have begun to spring up, so there’s some architecture to explore – though it is little compared to what will one day be. You could say that about anything though, even the mold under the sink brings with it the promise of greater things.

Herobrine’s Return, Minecraft 1.5 Adventure Map Download

herobrine's return minecraft adventure map game download

Herobrine has returned in this epic minecraft 1.5 adventure map from Hypixel, complete with custom boss fights, custom NPC’s, custom items and a dozen new, entirely custom ways to die. This is more than a minecraft adventure map, this could almost be called a minecraft adventure game.

minecraft custom adventure items

Using many of the new features included in the 1.5 redstone update, Herobrine’s Return is an adventure map designed to shock and amaze. In spite of the impressive features, no mods are required to play, simply download the map and start playing it, either on your own or with friends. The ideal number of players is anywhere from one to three. If you are bereft of friends to play with, you can always join the Hypixel adventure lobby server, where you’ll find plenty of friends to toil and battle and best bosses with. (more…)

Huntercraft, Minecraft RPG Map

huntercraft minecraft rpg map download

Now with more lensflare and glowing lights than ever, Huntercraft is a medieval minecraft RPG map that will knock your stockings off. Begin an adventure like no other in this minecraft medieval adventure map complete with a three headed dragon, hireable bodyguards, custom NPCs and more.

minecraft medieval shipyards

The landscapes will impress you, the story will thrill you and the dragon boss will terrify you. The windmills will be grist to whet your appetite and the simple country cottages will offer shelter from the dangerous minecraft wilds. The ships will puff their billowing white sails and the stall keepers will haggle down to the ear of corn.

Wasteland Apocalypse, Minecraft Gravel Survival Map Download

All has become gravel in a minecraft survival map where grim landscapes and even grimmer chances of survival are the order of the day. You begin close to what was probably once a small fortress, but which is now a tattered pile of rubble. A few supplies can be scavenged here, but your hunger is already growing and food is the first thing on your mind. But where can food be found? Not growing in toxic gravel, that’s for sure.

minecraft wasteland survival map download

As for wood, there is precious little of that. No trees grow in this dead land, though a few stumps are to be found hither and thither. In addition to the mob infested ruins plain to see above the ground, there are dungeons lurking beneath the gravel and sand. One may as well abandon all hope before descending, for the steep drops and the high pitched call of bats inform one that this is a trip likely to be taken in one direction only.

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