The Lonely Summit, Minecraft Adventure Map Download

the lonely summit minecraft adventure map

Diamond pickaxes! Diamond pickaxes everywhere! That was my first impression of Lonely Summit, a minecraft adventure map where digging through solid rock will not be a problem. Two minutes into the map and I already had four diamond pickaxes, and access to about four more hanging about in picture frames.

But that’s not really what this minecraft map is about. It’s not about vast amounts of cobblestone and free diamond tools. It’s about a story involving an adventuresome fisherman (you) and a summit that is feeling a mite lonely. It’s the quest to find out what happened to a once thriving sea side village – often by systematically digging through that very same village. What you find hidden in the sleepy seaside town is enough to send you off on a wild adventure.

City of Love, Minecraft Dating Adventure

minecraft city of love map download

The City of Love isn’t just another minecraft map, this is a minecraft dating simulation. Or perhaps it is better described as a minecraft dating adventure map, at any rate, the point of the map is to explore the city of love and find love.

city of love minecraft dating adventure map

The texture pack that comes with the map is quite stunning, I’m talking flaming pink love heart stunning. A custom NPC system provides you with plenty of conversational alternatives and many of the city’s inhabitants are quite generous to a newcomer. TIP: Don’t drink the potion offered to you by the bum who meets you when you first enter the city of love – unless you really have to. The effects are… unpleasant. We’re talking a full twenty seconds of nausea per drink unpleasant. The benefit of the potion is that it makes others forgive you and talk to you again, so if you’ve really messed something up on one of your minecraft dates, you’ll get a second chance.

Dead Prison, Minecraft Prison Break Minecraft Adventure Map Download

minecraft prison tower adventure map

This 1.5 minecraft adventure map features custom zombies function as prison guards. Attack them to get the tasty treats inside their rotting fetid bodies, and also the keys that they’ll drop – keys you absolutely need in order to escape the prison. A fully developed adventure map, this is the most fun you’ll have locked in a penitentiary with the undead.

Minecraft Medieval Town Map Download

minecraft medieval download

This is a medieval building map pack which can be downloaded by players and minecraft map makers. You can use these medieval minecraft buildings in your own adventure or survival maps, or in server maps. Wherever you need a medieval building, there this minecraft map pack will be. Which is perhaps overstating things a little, because you’ll have to have downloaded it. Once you do download it however, all these medieval minecraft designs are yours to use, yours to replicate, yours to seed a new medieval minecraft world.

Mysterious East, Minecraft Asian Adventure Map Download

mysterious east minecraft asian adventure map download

Finally, a minecraft adventure map designed with an Asian aesthetic. The Mysterious East is a minecraft asian adventure map, complete with pink blossom trees, pagodas and what look quite a lot like rice paddies. Are you ready to lose yourself in the minecraft Orient?

The first thing that strikes the player when they open this map is the detail that has gone into the mandatory texture pack. You begin in a tutorial hall, complete with paper lanterns lighting the space. And it just gets better from there.

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