City of Love, Minecraft Dating Adventure

minecraft city of love map download

The City of Love isn’t just another minecraft map, this is a minecraft dating simulation. Or perhaps it is better described as a minecraft dating adventure map, at any rate, the point of the map is to explore the city of love and find love.

city of love minecraft dating adventure map

The texture pack that comes with the map is quite stunning, I’m talking flaming pink love heart stunning. A custom NPC system provides you with plenty of conversational alternatives and many of the city’s inhabitants are quite generous to a newcomer. TIP: Don’t drink the potion offered to you by the bum who meets you when you first enter the city of love – unless you really have to. The effects are… unpleasant. We’re talking a full twenty seconds of nausea per drink unpleasant. The benefit of the potion is that it makes others forgive you and talk to you again, so if you’ve really messed something up on one of your minecraft dates, you’ll get a second chance.

city of love minecraft dating npc

There’s a lot about this minecraft dating map that just can’t be done full justice to in words. The flying robot guide, for instance, is like nothing I’ve ever seen in minecraft before. Add to that the innovative conversational system that allows you to actually talk to minecraft NPCs and The City of Love really represents a leap forward in minecraft adventure maps.

minecraft city of love from above

The humor in the map makes it more than just a technical achievement, in very short order, City of Love feels like a real place. A quirky, weird place full of strange characters, but a real place nonetheless. Brilliant use of animated textures has created a world in which custom NPC’s blink, smile and use other actual facial expressions.

Once you’ve completed a tutorial during which you learn how to converse with NPCs, how to offer them presents and how to navigate the city of love, you will be set free to find your very own minecraft girlfriend or minecraft boyfriend.

minecraft batman city of love minecraft dating adventure map

In addition to the main quest (finding love) there are side quests to complete. Part of the game involves collecting ‘lost hearts’ which count towards your final score. But the main part of the game involves filling up your ‘little black book’, which is a very clever use of the scoreboard system. Your little black book turns out to be a secret room filled with the names of those you know. By the end of the map the goal is to pick one of your minecraft loves and go and get minecraft married.

minecraft policeman zombies city of love adventure map

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that everything is safe and easy in the City of Love though. There are dangers lurking around every corner. If you break the law, expect to find yourself on the wrong side of the zombie police force, who drop nightsticks and donuts when slain.

If you’re looking for a new kind of minecraft adventure, City of Love is a must-download map. It’s funny, it’s original, it is well made and it provides the player with a real sense of immersion that is so important in an adventure map.

Download City of Love, Minecraft Dating Adventure Map!

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