Mysterious East, Minecraft Asian Adventure Map Download

mysterious east minecraft asian adventure map download

Finally, a minecraft adventure map designed with an Asian aesthetic. The Mysterious East is a minecraft asian adventure map, complete with pink blossom trees, pagodas and what look quite a lot like rice paddies. Are you ready to lose yourself in the minecraft Orient?

The first thing that strikes the player when they open this map is the detail that has gone into the mandatory texture pack. You begin in a tutorial hall, complete with paper lanterns lighting the space. And it just gets better from there.

minecraft asian adventure map npc

With custom NPCs like this geisha, the sense of immersion is never broken by ugly villagers.

minecraft asian food stall

With a complete re-design of almost all elements of the game, foodstuffs have changed from pork chops and bread to tasty Asian foods like sushi and lo-mein. Never tried minecraft sushi before? Well here’s your chance!

The storyline of the game map is not at all bad. You play the role of a tourist who, having lost all his or her passport and money has ended up working in a factory in Shenzhen, China. As you wander from the factory, through the smoggy streets you notice that almost everything appears to have been closed by Chairwoman Wuqing.

minecraft chinese industrial district

minecraft asian city at night

minecraft asian apartment interior

This entire review could easily devolve into nothing but a series of screenshots, that’s how impressive the asian styling of the map really is. Suffice to say, when you fall asleep in your dingy apartment, you find yourself transported to the Asia you wished you were visiting… and the adventure truly begins.

Download The Mysterious East

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