Temple of Doom, Minecraft Survival Adventure Map Download

minecraft temple of doom map download

This map begins on a rainy night on a platform high above the lands, pistons churning, powering your airship. But all is not well. The storm is too rough and you find yourself crashing down, down, down, into a room of white wool and light – and then into the wreckage of your once proud airship. Parts are scattered all over the landscape, the white sails tossed atop a tree. (more…)

Isle of Biomes, Minecraft Survival Islands Map Download

minecraft biome isle survival map

Isle of Biomes is a cluster of small minecraft survival islands. Unlike the original survival island, these are some extensive islands, complete with traps and monsters and other exciting things that could possibly kill you.

Super Hard, Underground And Zelda: Three New Minecraft Map Downloads

Here are three new minecraft maps released in the last week. If you only get to download and play new minecraft maps on the weekends, here are a bunch of quick links to some maps that might pique your interest. From retro nostalgia with a remake of a Zelda map from 1987, to a crippling, nigh horror CTM experience, there’s something for everyone.

Fog of Demise Super Hard Minecraft CTM Map

fog of demise minecraft training map

This is a very, very difficult minecraft CTM map. So difficult that it is actually impossible to beat. You might think me to be exaggeration at this point, but let me tell you, this map leaves you bumbling about in the darkness with two hearts left of life, no opportunity to respawn and with a potion of slowness making you move at a snail’s pace whilst creepers leap out of the woodwork every five seconds. It’s not easy.

Minescape Minecraft Dungeon Adventure Survival Map Download

minescape minecraft dungeon map download

This large and expansive minecraft adenture survival map is made with multiplayer in mind, though intrepid single players can certainly play if they like – if they like dying, that is. Mwa ha!

Dungeon explorers begin their journey at the gates of a frozen castle located atop a scattered mountain. (I don’t personally know what a scattered mountain is, but I suspect it has something to do with dopamine levels.) As players descend through the many dungeons stretching down to the depths of the earth they will encounter many dangerous monsters and terrible foes.

Area 51 Minecraft Alien Adventure Map

minecraft area 51 map download

Area 51 has always been a place of mystery. Now that is has been rendered in minecraft you have the opportunity to discover the secrets of Area 51 for yourself. Hint: They’re square. And dark. Quite rather very dark, so dark that you yourself might forget how to correctly grammar.

minecraft area 51 abandoned city

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