Isle of Biomes, Minecraft Survival Islands Map Download

minecraft biome isle survival map

Isle of Biomes is a cluster of small minecraft survival islands. Unlike the original survival island, these are some extensive islands, complete with traps and monsters and other exciting things that could possibly kill you.

Thoughts on playing Isle of Biomes:

An interesting beginning for a survival map. Instead of spawning on the island itself, you spawn offshore in a structure that puzzles at the outset. Is it perhaps a deep sea drilling rig? Is it the worst hotel ever? Either way, you’re warned to get your stuff and go before it is ‘too late’ whatever that means.

minecraft survival islands

Your stuff includes a wooden boat, an empty map, a wooden pickaxe and two apples. Nothing too generous. I swam halfway to the waiting islands beyond before remembering that I even had the boat.

What impresses, even at first glance, but with a growing sense of wonder as one makes land – is the sheer size of this map. This is no tiny desert island. This is an archipelago where strange and wondrous things occur. The Galapagos of minecraft, if you will.

Within seconds of making land, I had fallen prey to my first trap. It all started with two dirt blocks and a ladder and it ended – well, rather anti-climactically actually. But that’s probably just out of a desire to create a false sense of security.

Without giving away too many spoilers, it’s safe to say that this is a very adventuresome survival experience. The game isn’t based on how much cobblestone you can generate, nor is there what you might call any rules or storyline. What there is, is a great deal of terrain to explore and the sense that the islands were once inhabited – largely by people who rather wish you weren’t there right now.

The survival part of the map comes in surviving the terrible things left to trip you up and dump you into lava and other little treats of that nature – but there are pleasant surprises waiting for you too.

Isle of Biomes is a great map for anyone who likes knowing that there are hidden treasures just waiting to be uncovered.

Ready to play yourself? Here’s the Isle of Biomes Minecraft Download Link!

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