Super Hard, Underground And Zelda: Three New Minecraft Map Downloads

Here are three new minecraft maps released in the last week. If you only get to download and play new minecraft maps on the weekends, here are a bunch of quick links to some maps that might pique your interest. From retro nostalgia with a remake of a Zelda map from 1987, to a crippling, nigh horror CTM experience, there’s something for everyone.

Fog of Demise Super Hard Minecraft CTM Map

fog of demise minecraft training map

This is a very, very difficult minecraft CTM map. So difficult that it is actually impossible to beat. You might think me to be exaggeration at this point, but let me tell you, this map leaves you bumbling about in the darkness with two hearts left of life, no opportunity to respawn and with a potion of slowness making you move at a snail’s pace whilst creepers leap out of the woodwork every five seconds. It’s not easy.

This map is designed not to be beaten. It’s a training map, designed to do nothing more than sharpen your skills and hone your instincts – not to mention your sense of despair.

Download Fog of Demise, from the Zero Mercy Minecraft CTM Collection

Underground Survival

minecraft underground survival map download

Underground survival map has just one rule that matters. Do not go above ground. The daylight is lava. The lava is also lava. This is not a traditional survival map, it can’t be after all. Starting off underground means that there is very little scope for limited resources. What there is, is an opportunity to discover who dumped all the toxic hole you’re sitting in. Not to mention the chance to trade with a trapped mayor and his sidekick.

Download Underground Survival Map!

Legend of Zelda 1987 Eagle Dungeon Minecraft Map

legend of zelda minecraft map download

1987 might be a lifetime ago for many minecraft players, but this legendary minecraft map will be fun for everyone who likes dungeoneering. Or Zelda. Which is everyone. The map comes with a unique LoZ texture pack. It also comes with memories of the late 1980s and the chance to relive old glories.

Download the Eagle Dungeon from the Legend of Zelda\

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