Diversity, Minecraft CTM / Adventure / Dropper Multi-Genre Map Download

diversity minecraft multi map

Diversity is actually more than a minecraft adventure map. IT’s also a minecraft arena map, a minecraft CTM map, a minecraft trivia map, a minecraft parkour map and the list goes on, including minecraft activities such as: minecraft dropper levels, minecraft survival levels and more. This map is the Philosopher’s Stone of minecraft maps, in other words. For every type of challenge completed, you are awarded a precious block of colored wool, which can be used to complete the monument, thus proving your mastery of all minecraft genres.

The latest version of Diversity was released on the 6th of August. I downloaded all 14.5 MBs and played it. The first thing about this map you should note is that it is made in Adventure mode. This means that for much of the map, there’s not a lot of crafting and there’s certainly no mining. In fact, these activities are strongly frowned upon.

Jeoffrey’s Chamber Sound Based Minecraft Map Download

This singleplayer minecraft adventure map is made by the Noxcrew. It contains a unique in-game soundtrack. Your listening abilities will determine your success in this minecraft adventure, in which you have been captured by an evil doctor master emperor villain whose mother is seriously getting in his way when it comes to tormenting his newest prisoner: you.

This innovative approach to minecraft map making uses resource packs which allow creators to not only upload new textures to minecraft, but to change sound effects. Which means that there’s finally a way to neatly place sound events and sound effects in minecraft maps.

Jeoffrey’s Chamber is a relatively short map, but it is the cutting edge of what is possible in minecraft, so even if adventuring your way out of a dungeon sounds even remotely appealing, I suggest you go ahead and make the download happen.

Download Joffrey’s Chamber!

Rise of the Rebellion! Minecraft Star Wars Adventure Map Download

(Star Wars Millenium Falcon Timelapse)

A minecraft machinima movie and a Star Wars minecraft adventure map, let no man say that Paradise Decay is not creatively ambitious. This fully fleged Star Wars adventure map is the natural progression from Paradise Decay’s earlier Star Wars collection works, including a downloadable Star Wars X Wing Fighter schematic.

For everything minecraft Star Wars, check out the links below.

Rise of the Rebellion, Minecraft Star Wars Map Download!

Minecraft Forum Thread!

Star Wars Minecraft Movie Official Site

Red Dead Redemption Minecraft Map | Red Dead Redstone

red dead redstoneRed Dead Redstone takes the famous Western console RPG and converts it to the only format likely to be released for the PC: a minecraft adventure map. Fans of Red Dead Redemption will be pleased to learn that this isn’t a bland remake of the game, rather it is an entirely new map with new missions and even an expansion pack – as well as a resource pack.

Red Dead Redemption Minecraft Westward Expansion

The Westward expansion pack involves new terrain, new weapons and new combat in the original Red Dead Redstone format. Take your hero Daniel Wade into fresh lands and master the mobs that live there.

Download Red Dead Redemption for Minecraft!

The Lost Potato Minecraft Adventure Map Download

the lost potato mincraft adventure download

When there is just one potato left in all the world and that potato is missing, it is your job to find that potato. You must also save a piglet from being sent to the prison slaughter yards, and generally adventure the heck of the way out of your unfortunate prison in order to begin a journey that will be as epic as it will be described in blocks. Finding the potato will not be simple. It will be dangerous. It will involve lava. It will involve falling from great heights. It will involve reaching deep inside yourself and finding the strength and the will and the courage to seek down that starchy tuber and return it to its rightful home. There’s only one question left to ask yourself. Can you count to potato?

Download The Lost Potato.

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